Mannuku Wa Naledi

By Zulumathabo Zulu © 2015

Mannuku Wa Naledi
Mannuku wa Naledi
Mannuku wa Naledi
A phaphatheha matsweleng
ho Mannuku sefubeng

Mannuku Badimung
Mannuku Badimung
mophaphathehi moshanyana
ho Mannuku qhobosheyane

Atshireletswa matsweleng
Ho Mannuku sefubeng
Mannuku reyao leboha
Mannuku qhobosheyane

Contextual Commentary

When Mr. Moses Masondo kicked the boy out of his home at Orlando East in 1973, he impacted the life of the boy in an irreversible way. As destiny would have it, the great Mannuku of Naledi awaited the boy at her house. The boy arrived, having walked a long distance, and very much famished and parched. Mannuku picked the boy up and squeezed him between her huge breasts. That affection was to become the basis for the interpretation of nature. That boy, now the author of this book, pays tribute to the indefatigable Mannuku and the greatest mother that ever lived. It is the affection accorded to the boy by Mannuku that inspired these writings, as well as other social enterprises.

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