The Great Seagull

By Zulumathabo Zulu © 2015

To arise above ground
To transcend earthbound
Others require airspeed
He advances without airspeed
How is that possible?
To lift himself above ground
Using vertical lift
To go beyond gravity

The caterpillar is earthbound
The seagull is heaven-bound
The vulture requires airspeed
The seagull without airspeed
He rises like didactic
Teaching us the syntactic

The heart-warming sun is brilliant
The blue sky cloudless
While the breeze grooms the grass below
The seagull must return to the sky
To gain a new perspective
To enumerate the relations
To analyze the network
To consider the permutations
Helicopter view attained
While self-interest is restrained

Contextual Commentary

When lifting himself from the ground, he must do this to gain transcendence. As he flips his powerful wings, he generates the much-needed lift. The airflow around the wings is comprised by low pressure above the wings and high pressure below the wings. The vector forces of the airflow create the forward movement he needs to take off as simulated by the ancient game of Diketo. As the Basotho describe the movement as Hotherekela it is this kind of movement that gives him the vertical lift of Sefofatsepa.

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