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How To Transcend The Adverse Conditions

Zoom Lecture: How To Transcend The Adverse Conditions: To Shake Off The Funks and The Negative Mood States This article is part of full Zoom lecture. See details below to register   Defensive Tools of KowtowBy Mocholoko Dr. Zulumathabo Zulu © 2021 the coast was cogent from the tree,attention to detail, like Cree!He descended to… Continue reading How To Transcend The Adverse Conditions


African Metaphysics of Christianity

African Metaphysics of Christianity: From a Black God To a White God and Back By Mocholoko Dr. Zulumathabo Zulumathabo © 2021 Historiography of Mfecane/Difaqane on 702 FM Radio (English) and What Is African Religion on Lesedi FM (Sesotho) Podcasts Below When the Portuguess arrived in Azania (South Africa), they brought Christianity as a chiseling toolkit… Continue reading African Metaphysics of Christianity

Metaphysics · Pulamadibokgo

African Origin of Knowledge Engineering

African Origin of Knowledge EngineeringBy Mocholoko Dr. Zulumathabo Zulumathabo © 2021 Before the calculator! Before the microscope! Before the telescope! There was African knowledge engineering! SAFM Radio Podcast At End of Article The legendary DJ Stephen Grootes of SAFM Radio interviewing me about Decolonising Psychology. This was an opportunity for me to demonstrate the principles… Continue reading African Origin of Knowledge Engineering