By Zulumathabo Zulu © 2015

Dimakatso Discourse – Part I

To subdue adversity unfeasible
To transcend misfortune unthinkable
Yet to arise to be a great officer
A ceiling formerly unreachable
Despite sexism that prevailed
Like a star with light to emit
A plastic mind able to retrofit
Dimakatso a desirable combatant
For that rank a determined claimant
To command despite risks
To extend the freedom afar
To free them even at treacherous Darfur

Despite humbled by her beginnings
She was able to unbolt stubborn doors
The daring Dimakatso adjusted well
To persistent obstacles that befell
Like unstoppable despite her gender
Despite unkindness to force surrender
To persevere despite the scar
To sparkle yet volcanic tar
The world salutes a warrior female
Even Canada salutes the Colonel


When the fearsome Masumu threatens the naïve mongoose, the mongoose must advance some transcendental moves. She must overcome her naivety. She must overcome her socialized thinking. Moreover, she must trust her instincts. It is this kind of radical transcendence that will give her a survival advantage. When a direct attack seems unfeasible, she can begin with a sideways attack in order to drive a wedge between the indomitable Masumu and his comfort zone. It’s when he feels uncomfortable, that the mongoose can directly stage a determined attack. Eventually, Masumu must succumb to the gutsy mongoose that has an instinctive grasp of the volatile situation.

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