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Cosmogony of Polygamy and Leadership

Cosmogony of Polygamy and Leadership
By Mocholoko Dr. Zulumathabo Zulu © 2022

Radio 702 FM Podcast Below

The Preamble

I recently did an interview last Thursday July 7, 2022 on the Radio 702 FM with the indefatigable host Aubrew Masango for his show Aubrey Masangu Kwantu Feature. We discussed the connection between polygamy and leadership in an African family setting. This topic is inspired by a research MSS (manuscript) on The Cosmogony of Polygamy and Leadership. The MSS is a derivative of another MSS How To Know If Yena Is The Right One wherein I advise young women and men on how to choose the right partner.

The thesis of the manuscripts is that there is a causal link between great African leaders and their polygamous backgrounds as confirmed by phenomenal leaders like the great legends President Nelson Mandela; King Moshoeshoe; King Shaka and many others who were born and raised in polygamous family settings.

A 19 year old Nelson Mandela in 1937 at Umtata in the present day Eastern Cape province of Azania (South Africa). Picture Ctedit: Wikipedia.

In Western institutions of higher learning, leadership is an idealist system meaning a system constructed from a set of ideas about leadership. Ideas are fundamentally not grounded in reality. Conversely, in African indigenous institutions of the African ancients, leadership is a realist system meaning a system that is fundamentally constructed from the ground of reality. In fact, the Sesotho word Nahana (to think) has two parts namely (1) Naha – the ground and (2) Na – the spirit. The mind is conceptualised as the spirit that must be grounded upon reality.

For this reason, African polygamous families seem to have this fertile and robust pipeline that produces unbought leaders with superior skills in moral code; strategy; peacemaking; negotiation and enterprising culture which non-polygamous leaders do not have. Great leaders like Mandela encapsulated these enviable qualities.

Without further ado, The Cosmogony of Polygamy and Leadership podcast shared below:

The Polygamy and Leadership Radio 702 FM Podcast:

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  1. Dear Brother Zulu 🙏, Greetings!
    I would like to put our minds together for advancing our peoples: Azania and Amuruka
    You already have cosmogony/cosmology. And, you are a scholar.
    I am at a University where I would like to promote your ancestral knowledge for all academics.
    My phone number is 347-816-6985, my email address
    My wife and I can pay for the phone calls.
    Thank you

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