The Great Protagonist Putin

The Great Protagonist Putin
By Mocholoko Dr. Zulumathabo Zulu © 2022

The Preamble

Enter the golden genesis of the multipolar World of the unbought and the unsold protagonist of sovereign independence, the indefatigable President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation.

In this ground-breaking article, we forgeound the gutsy spirit and the newfangled strategy of the erudite and loyalist President Vladimir Putin and Mother Russia and her people who are making the audacious moves in full tilt to pivot our World away from the parasitic clutches of the Suzerain state of unipolarity to usher in the beneficent enterprise of multipolarity.

These high risk and audacious moves by the great protagonist Putin are not for the fainthearted; they are a futuristic investment that is congruent with the resonance of the people of the World who have reached a point of saturation on account of the Suzerain stranglehold and have nothing to lose except the abrasive chains that ensue from the evil embrace of the ECC (Euro-Christian Colonialism).

The great protagonist President Vladimir Putin addressing the media in Russia. Photo Credit: Sergey Guneev, Russia.

It is through these gutsy moves that the people of the World can be unshackled from the daily aggressions of the Suzerain stranglehold of unipolarity such as the falsification of history; the flagrant misinformation; the perpetual war machine; the regime change and the duplicity of the Fourth Estate that serves a staple diet of news coverage that poisons the mind and miseducates the people about reality. They [the Suzerains and the Fourth Estate] will stop at nothing to lie through their teeth to miseducate us about reality.

We are the privileged and the grateful ones to witness in our lifetime the great protagonist President Vladimir Putin of Mother Russia who breathtakingly leads the charge to break the parasitic stranglehold of the Suzerains and their vassal states.

Without further ado, The Great Protagonist Putin.

The Great Protagonist Putin
By Mocholoko Dr. Zulumathabo Zulu © 2022

he began at Dresden,
to subdue the Trojan.
Vast expanse of topography
Birthed the unbought philosophy
To defend Mother Russia
Against foreign occupation
To go to great lengths
To defend the moral code of the forbears

when redlines were ignored,
the Trojan was destroyed.
Putin’s daring checkmate
Preempted coup at the gate
As confirmed in the great land of Syria
His newfangled strategy
Like gamechanging and edgy
A tribute to the great protagonist Putin

Contextual Commentary

At Dresden in East Germany, Vladimir Putin remained underground like a desert flower Mponeng of the great Kgalagadi (Kalahari Desert) listening in remote sensing to the slightest indications of the falling rain. Like the great legend Mponeng who transcends calamitous events and remains undefined by the adverse conditions as documented in the book The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert: African Philosophical Transcendence, the unflinching protagonist Vladimir Putin is consistently unfazed by the inundation of hard knocks engendered by those who seek to subjugate and to disrespect the sovereignty of other nations.

When the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) ended in 1991, this calamitous event became like a desert rain that descended upon the dehydrated ground as a form of renewal like a blessing in disguise. The desert flower broke new ground and sprang to life knowing that the evanescent rain would soon disappear into oblivion and never more to return. This critical point in time was a golden opportunity of a lifetime for the great protagonist Vladimir Putin. Unlike others who became complacent like narcissists in their enjoyment of the rain, the great protagonist Putin waited in the wings to selflessly internalise the desert rain knowing that the evanescent rain was not here forever and would soon be gone. It was during these defining moments that the great protagonist Putin began to make his big moves.

This fact of the evanescence of the desert rain is profound! When the evanescent rain vanishes into nothingness, the desert sand becomes like a parched ground within hours as if it never rained, leaving no trace of a rainfall once there. Thus, the great protagonist Putin had an instinctive grasp of this profound fact of reality about the new evanescent opportunity presented by the dissolution of the USSR.

Like the great Letlaka (African thunderbird vulture) that climbs to greater heights to reach and sometimes to exceed the cruising altitudes of commercial jets (Laybourne,1974) and unimpeded by the dizzying heights and the adverse conditions of the thin atmosphere, the protagonist Putin climbed to greater heights in the most indefatigable struggle to usher in a new era of multipolarity unimpeded by the dizzying heights of unipolar resistance and the suzerains of the collective West. Putin has hedged his bets on the future of the multipolar World and its big rewards for the future generations. His battery of confidence is recharged by Russia’s successes in Syria and reinforced by other geostrategic giants who resonate with the sentiment of these bold moves like India; China; Brazil; Turkey; Belarus and others. The flame of such an emancipatory spirit is like an inextinguishable futuristic fire of Canada 125 at Parliament Hill.

In the articles, The Sunset in the West and To Defend the Culture’s Vault published in April 2, 2022 and January 24, 2020 respectively, we pay deserved tribute to the great protagonist of sovereign independence, the fortitudinous President Vladmir Putin who remains undefined in themidst of the adverse conditions.

Russia’s formidable S-400 Triumf air defense missile system as reported in Russia’s Tass News Agency. Photo Credit: Mikhail Japaridze/TASS

Why another article that venerates President Vladimir Putin of Mother Russia? The reasons are galore like the Rusophobia of America and her vassal states like Canada; Europe and some African leaders who sell us out and keep us hitched to the evil embrace of the former colonizers and the slave masters. The treacherous failure of some African leaders to serve their people in accordance with the election promises and their shortcomings to adhere to the high standards of the moral code of the African ancients is regretable. Some treacherous leaders, as evidenced in my homeland of Azania (South Africa), exact a backstabbing wound upon their people of the Melanin while fixed in a worshipful kowtow to appease the White establishment of the colonial descendents.

Moreover, some have forgotten the assistance and the gratuitous hospitality of Mother Russia during the anti-apartheid struggle against the brutality of the Luso-Anglo-Dutch ECC (Euro-Christian Colonialism) system. The Russian people consistently supported the liberation struggles of the African Motherland along with other liberation legends like the great people of Cuba and their unbought and unsold leader Fidel Castro. Tengo un recuerdo entranable de Cuba! Quiero regresar a Cuba!

For this reason, it refreshes the mind like a breath of fresh air to witness in our present juncture of this historical timeline the unbought; the unsold and the steel-ribbed son of the Russian soil indomitantly leading the charge and forging ahead to assert the redlines; the moral code and the invariants of sovereign independence in the gutsy spirit of do or die. We must fight to the death for our sacrosanct sovereign independence! Debemos luchar a muerte por nuestro sacrosanta independencia soberana!

The Newfangled Strategy

The strategy of the great protagonist Putin is asymmetrical in conceptualisation. This means an unorthodox strategy that is not within the visible spectrum of the Suzerains and their vassal states. A newfangled strategy is powerful and very disruptive to the establishment as confirmed by a new technological invention like the hypersonic missile Kinzhal with a greater than 2,000 kilometer range and Mach 12 (greater than 11, 000 kilometer per hour) speed. The higher version The Avangard is reported to have a range of greater than 6,000 kilomers and Mach 20 speed (more than 20,000 kilometers per hour). There is no defence for these technological innovations by America; NATO or their vassal states. This confirms Mother Russia as a technological superpower on the planet as we write these lines in 2022.

The newfangled strategy breaks new ground with respect to convention and military doctrine as confirmed in the homeland of Syria where the regime change was stopped in its tracks by the counterstrike of Mother Russia under the superior command of the great protagonist President Vladimir Putin and the superior commanding skills of his celebrated General Alexander Dvornikov. The defensive airspace of the legendary S-400 Triumf became a defacto No-Fly-Zone in Syria as confirmed by the fear of the stealth fighter jets to fly over the space defended by the fearsome S-400 Triumf.

Moreover, the most trusted American F35 stealth fighter jet for which Turkey was subjected to severe sanctions by President Trump in 2017 using the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (against a NATO member) for purchasing the mighty S-400, is a derivative of the Yak-141 (also known as Yak-43), a VTOL (vertical takeoff & landing) aircraft designed by the great aerospace engineer Alexander Yakovlev of Mother Russia. Yakovlev was awarded the Lenin Prize in Science and Technology for his inventions and there is a Yakovlev Design Beareu named after him. Erco, the S-400 knows everything about the F35 stealth fighter jet. The Americans know about this fact hence their paranoid fear not to trigger the defensive response from the airspace of the S-400. The Yakovlev technology was stolen by the American Lockheed Martin company in the 1990s during the collapse of the USSR and used to build the F35.

In the present war in Ukrain, we see the newfangled strategy at play wherein the number of troops fielded by Mother Russia are less than ideal and sometimes Russian soldiers are outnumbered l to 2 or more. This economy of troop deployment is necessary if Mother Russia anticipates an eventual war with Anerica and NATO.

Notwithstanding, this ratio violates the maxim in The Art of War by the great Chinese Philosopher and Military Strategist Sun Tsu who says that Providence is on the side of big battalions. This maxim instructs the general to field more troops than the enemy’s. This maxim is adhered to and enforced by the American military generals who ensured that the US Army troops in Iraq outnumbered Iraqi troops by a ratio of as high as 10 to 1. These numbers were also increased in what was known as The Surge.

In spite of not having enough troops on the ground, Mother Russia has captured, in an outright military victory, more than 20% of Ukrain land under the celebrated Syrian hero General Alexander Dvornikov. The purpose of Russia’s defensive Special Operation that began on February 24, 2022 is intended to prevent the installation of NATO’s deadly nuclear missiles on the soil of Ukrain. If NATO was to install such a military infrastructure on Ukrain soil, Mother Russia would not be able to defend herself due to the shortest missile flight time from Ukrain to Russia. Ukrain is on the doorstep of Russia. To defend herself, Mother Russia must be able to counterstrike against NATO aggression.

Mother Russia sees NATO in Ukrain as an existential threat. She will vigorously fight to the death to preserve her existence. This means destruction of Ukrain or any threatening neighbour. Mother Russia has warned America; NATO and Ukrain over many years about the stringent consequences in violating these redlines but the warnings have fallen on deaf ears (see my article The Sunset in the West on this topic).

The amount of the territory captured by Russia is almost the size of the Free State province of Azania (South Africa) at more than 100,000 square kilometers. It is almost like Mother Russia relies more on firepower than manpower. The actual winning formular is the mix of the two. This confirms the newfangled strategy of the great protagonist Putin.

In one military case, a small number of Russian troops were able to fix larger army of Ukranians in position using suppressive firepower of artillery. This method is known as marching fire. The aim of fixing is not to destroy the enemy forces but to keep them in check and fixed in one area not to threaten the protagonist forces.

The great protagonist Putin is like the unconquerable African buffalo [protagonist forces] that boasts redundancy; buffering and inexhaustible reserves of prowess as the means to enhance the survival experience against the killing machines of the mighty lions [antagonist forces]. The implication, herein, is that the redundancy exceeds the natural limits by design to enable the battle hardened African buffalo to recover from setback; the buffering allows the unconquerable African buffalo to absorb the shocks to forge ahead and the reserves exist to resist vigorously those who pose an existential threat to the survivability of the African buffalo.

La Lucha En Espanol

Sin embargo, la lucha debe continuar! No rendirse! Nunca jamas, porque el destino es nuestro! Nosotros debemos derrotar las cadenas vestigiales de la esclavitud y CEC (Colonialismo Eurocristiano). Nostros debemos resistir vigorosamente hasta a la muerte! La melanina debe sobrevivir en la jungla, para ser el arquitecto del destino no comprado y no vendido como estaba destinado a ser por los antepasados Africanos.

The Struggle in English

Notwithstanding, the struggle must continue! No surrender! Never never, because the destiny is ours! We must defeat the vestigial chains of slavery and ECC (Euro-Christian Colonialism)! We must vigorously resist to the death! The Melanin must survive in the jungle as the unbought and unsold architect of destiny as it was meant to be by the African ancestors who have gone before us.

Haba bokwe Baholo! Thokoza Makhosi! Alta Veneracion a las Antepasados! High Veneration to the Ancestors!


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