The Poison Pill of Appeasement – Part 1

The Poison Pill of Appeasement – Part 1
By Mocholoko Dr. Zulumathabo Zulu © 2022

The Delagoa Bay – Pretoria Railway designed by a Portuguese engineer Jose Machod of Portugal. Picture Credit: S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African Science.

The Preamble

The Apartheid National Anthem Die Stem was incorporated as part of the new Democratic dispensation of 1994. The indigenous African anthem Morena Boloka/Nkosi Sikelela was disembowled to incorporate Die Stem. The implication of disembowelment is that the guts of African essence were displaced by the ethos of appeasement with respect to the White establishment to promote the superiority of Western ideas and morality. Through this form of appeasement, the African Natives were seduced by the subliminal trance and the persuasive eloquence of our leaders to unquestionably accept the blackbox deal that was appealingly packaged as reconciliation. As a matter of fact, reconciliation and appeasement are manifestations of each other as confirmed in a scholarly paper Appeasement in Human Emotion, Social Practice, and Personality (Keltner et al, 1997) as shown below:

“Appeasement begins when the conditions of social relations lead one individual to anticipate aggression from others, is expressed in submissive, inhibited behavior, which in turn evokes inferences and emotions in others that bring about social reconciliation”.

Our leaders had good intentions but then I picked up a new axiom in my 20 years of exile in Canada that says “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. It is not enough to have good intentions. The good intentions must be corroborated by good actions. Instead, the 1994 good intentions were followed by submissive behaviours of appeasement to the White establishment and the backstabbing wound of broken promises towards the Melanin. Without further ado, The Poison Pill of Appeasement

The Poison Pill of Appeasement
By Mocholoko Dr. Zulumathabo Zulu © 2022

leechy White phallus hardens,
at sightful gold of essence.
to gaslight our sentiment,
he exacts stringent punishment.
To believe the unbelievable
To accept the unacceptable
Hitherto, appeasement like a poison pill

despite privated like gaslit,
we appease the White elite.
like in the anthem,
we pacify them.
Their sustenance is like a poison pill
Heretofor, like forever chained
Henceforth, the ground must be regained

Contextual Commentary

The Luso-Anglo-Dutch name ZAR (Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek) comes from a slave trading colony established in 1839 by the Dutch colonists. This name, when translated into English becomes South Africa. It was imposed by the English and the Dutch upon the land of Azania (South Africa) in 1910 as the Union of South Africa. Three years later in 1913 the African Natives were brutally dispossessed of the their ancestral lands in what became known as the 1913 Land Act. The draconian land dispossession had been ongoing since 1497 but this time around there was a legal instrument to enforce the dispossession of the indigenous land. The phenomenon of land dispossession is well documented by the great legend of the African soil Sol Plaatjie in his book Native Life in South Africa, Before and Since the European War and the Boer Rebellion. See my other articles (Zulu, 2022); (Zulu, 2017) on Sol Plaatjie.

Why do I associate the name South Africa with the Luso-Anglo-Dutch system of colonialism? First of all, our system of the ECC (Euro-Christian Colonialism) is unique in that it is a triad of the Luso-Anglo-Dutch settler colonialism namely (1) Vasco da Gama in 1497; (2) Jan van Rieebeck in 1652 and (3) the British Governors in 1806.

Most Brutal Form of Colonialism

Settler colonialism is the most brutal form of colonialism because of its remorseless nature of displacement as was the case with the Aboriginal peoples of Canada who were subjected to the Franco-Anglo settler colonialism which escalated into a brutal displacement of the indigenous population by the White barbarians. Specific examples of White barbarism include the callous taking away of an Aboriginal child into the residential school system by the Catholic nuns and never more to reunite with its mother after a brutal seperation (Findlay, 2019); the destruction of the buffalos (CBC, 2022) by the English in the 1800s so that multitudes of the Aboriginal families starved to death or the distribution of smallpox infested blankets among the Aboriginals or the Jesuit priests who introduced smallpox in Georgian Bay that resulted in the depopulation of the Aboriginal population by 60% as reported in the Smallpox in Canada (Spaulding, 2006) in the Canadian Encyclopedia as shown below:

“Between 1634 and 1640, Jesuit priests introduced smallpox into Wendake (Huronia), west of Lake Simcoe and south of Georgian Bay. Priests insisted on baptizing sick and dying Huron-Wendat. However, the priests’ presence contributed to the spread of the disease. Due to smallpox and other infectious diseases, the Huron-Wendat population declined by roughly 60 per cent by 1640”.

I have nostalgic memories of the massive lake and ocean on land, the Georgian Bay. I swam in this powerful and rocky lake. We give thanks to the sharp looking and the indefatigable daughter of the Canadian soil and an Aboriginal activist of the Assembly of First Nations of Canada Marie Frawley-Henry who took me to the Sacred Assembly gathering that took place at Georgian Bay. I pay tribute to her and her people of the Anishnabe and the Ojibwe in the book A Woman In The Bush.

Settler colonialism is designed to displace the local population in order for the indigenous land to be occupied by the White barbarians.

We see this extreme form of displacement in the Free State province of Azania wherein every square meter of land is privately fenced by the colonial descendants and you get shot when you cross the fence. Me and my doctoral professor the great Griot Professor Makau Mofokeng were nearly shot during my doctoral training when we crossed the fence in our research expedition for indigenous medicine plants.

I have already described the Anglo-Dutch part of the Luso-Anglo-Dutch settler colonialism. Azania (South Africa) was part of the Portuguese empire with the advent of Vasco da Gama in 1497 on a Christmas day. The implication, herein, is that every time the African Natives celebrate Christmas, they are effectively celebrating their own enslavement and colonial conquest. The future generations will judge us harshly for this act of treachery and self-delusion. The Delagoa Bay – Pretoria Railway Line was initiated by the Portuguese authorities and designed by the Portuguese engineer Jose Machod of Portugal as confirmed (Plug, 2020) in the scholarly article Machado, General Joaquim Jose (geography, surveying).

The name Kwa-Zulu Natal carries the colonial name of Vasco da Gama more than 525 years later as I write these lines. Moreover, the Berlin Conference of 1844-45 had conferred certain rights of lawfare to Portugal on the basis of historical precedence for Portugal to claim vast expanse of land between Angola and Mozambique including countries between. The following (de Almeid et al, 2014) scholarly article Ruling the Empire: The Portuguese Colonial Office (1820s-1926) buttresses the point:

“The growing importance given to colonial policies and the diplomatic alliance with Great Britain allowed Portugal a good share of colonial territories during the Berlin Conference (1885). Old legal rights, historical precedence, and the permanent control over parts of the African coast made the country obtain more area than the land over which it had real control and exercised real sovereignty(16)”.

Now to the point. This article The Poison Pill of Appeasement is about the African Natives; their vassal states and their leaders who habitually engage in a perpetual state of appeasement towards the former colonisers and the former slave masters as confirmed by the use of Covid vaccine that was designed by the descendants of the former colonisers and the former slave masters. The African descendant feels this exotic need to bend over backwards to appease the colonial descendants and to kowtow to their White establishment.

The Contrarian Psyche

I have always wondered about this contrarian psyche that necessitates such an unquestioning obedience and subservient behaviour in spite of being gaslit by the White establishment. You should Google the word Gaslight to learn more about it. This is the word of the day! Gaslight hits the spot when it comes to the pertinent description of the toxic relations between the African descendant and the colonial descendant. It is like some of them [colonial descendants] come from a different planet even though we are all human beings of blood and flesh. The colonial descendant is highly socialised by the mamary glands of the White mother to gaslight the Melanin. The Melanin is highly socialised by the privated Black mother to appease the colonial descendant as confirmed by the use of the omnipresent images of a White god and a White doll. See my articles A White God (Zulu, 2019); A White God and White Dolls (Zulu, 2022).

As if this is not bad enough, this phenomenon of appeasement is like bio-programmed by the social environment into the chromosomes to an extent that the modified genes of appeasement and gaslighting are naturally passed on to the next generation. This would explain why we have not been successful at retaking our inalienable position as the unbought and the unsold architects of destiny in accordance with the moral code of the African ancients.

La Lucha En Espanol

Sin embargo, la lucha debe continuar! No rendirse! Nunca jamas porque el destino es nuestro! Nosotros debemos derrotar las cadenas vestigiales de la esclavitud y CEC (colonialismo eurocristiano)! La melanina debe sobrevivir en la jungla, para ser el arquitecto del destino no comprado y no vendido como estaba destinado a ser por los antepasados africanos.

The Struggle in English

Notwithstanding, the struggle must continue! No surrender! Never never because the destiny is ours! We must defeat the vestigial chains of slavery and ECC (Euro-Christian Colonialism)! The Melanin must survive in the jungle, as the unbought and unsold architect of destiny as it was meant to be by the African ancestors who have gone before us.

Haba bokwe Baholo! Thokoza Makhosi! High Veneration to the Ancestors!

African Philosophy of Ancient Science

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