The Prayer of the Intercept

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The Prayer of the Intercept

By Mocholoko Dr. Zulumathabo Zulu © 2022

The Preamble

In the midst of the killer perstilence. In the midst of the ubiquitous miseducation. In the midst of the treacherous acts that inflict a backstabbing wound by those in positions of trust and the internecine. In the midst of crushing poverty in spite of being indigenous to the land. We are neither defined by the adverse conditions of the terrestrial space nor by the intransigent narrative they impose and exact upon us! We transcend those adverse conditions as defined in the book The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert: African Philosophical Transcendence.

Despite engulfed in the surround of the Suzerains who extract fealty from the officialdom of the vassal State, we nurture and advance the indefatigable spirit of the indigenous African cultural revolution for the survival benefit of the future generations so that they can build on the intellectual achievements of those who have gone before them. Nonyana e haela ka masiba a yengwe. A bird builds its nest using the feathers of the birds that have gone before it. Without further ado, The Prayer of the Intercept.

The Prayer of the Intercept
By Mocholoko Dr. Zulumathabo Zulu © 2022

Like a bird with broken wings
I pray for the cosmic rings
To thwart the intercept
That resulted in broken wings
To heal my broken wings
To strengthen my wings
To sharpen my beak
That I may rise with vertical lift
like the effortless Seagull that rises
unimpeded by the terrestrial intercept

Contectual Commentary

(The Fluid Dynamics of Extreme Resilience)

Nkwe gathered his thoughts with respect to the rebound and the exit strategy on the harsh ground assisted by his strong recuperating skills. When the lion king tried to pin him down to tear him apart, Nkwe hit the lion king on the face with a vicious side swipe forcing the lion king to back away on a back foot. Like a lightning flash, Nkwe rose to his educated feet powered by his superior athletic and intellectual prowess. The members of the lion clan were awestruck by such an agile resurgence from setback.

Like a contrarian, the masterful Nkwe staged a ritualised repertoire of submissive behaviour patterns as a mark of respect to the lion society as if to make a vital point that he meant no disrespect to the sacrosanct space of the lion society and pleaded no contest to the rules. While the attention of the lion society was arrested by by the charisma of this ritualistic display of humility, the great Nkwe bared his fearsome teeth to make the necessary point that he boasted deadly weapons in the situation and would vigorously resist to the death any further humiliation; indignity and abuse against him. This litany of ritualistic behaviour patterns forced the lion king to think a thousand times before making the next move to the great Nkwe teaching us to resist those who seek to subjugate us and to extract fealty from us.

We give massive thanks to the erudite African ancestors and the griot professors who inspire us in this way so that we can retake our inalienable position as the unbought and unsold architects of destiny and to vibrate as we were intended to vibrate unimpeded by the intercepts of the terrestrial space.

From Defensive Tools of Kowtow

The great seagull with a vertical lift. Picture Credit: iyang Chen, Wikipedia.

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