Basotho Origin of Cosmology

Basotho Origin of Cosmology
By Mocholoko Dr Zulumathabo Zulu © 2022

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Milkyway galaxy. Picture Credit: Steve Jurvetson; Man Vyi, Wikipedia.

The Preamble (abstract)

The Western science of cosmology based on the Big Bang Theory postulates that the Universe evolved from a single point of extreme density and temperature. This theory of singularity violates the African principle of Pedi which says a minimum of two is required to create existence as confirmed by an an egg that needs to be fertilised to create life, thus discounting the principle of singularity with respect to existence.

The use of Western theories like Big Bang Theory; Darwinism and Materialism to solve the problem of the origin of cosmology falls short on account of reliance on hypothetical ideas and not on metaphysical principles of reality.

This African origin of cosmology paper draws from the Basotho reference knowledge to show that life is not based on a unary principle of singularity but requires a minimum of two principles i.e. minimum of two amino acids are required to create a peptide which in turn is a building block needed to create a protein chain (also known as a polypeptide) to support life in the terrestrial space.

We show, herein, that the indigenous knowledge of cosmology demonstrates that the universe was created from the primordial principle of Pedi namely (1) the primeval seed of Peo and (2) the primodial waters of Lehe La Kganare (The Cosmic Egg). This reference knowledge has huge implications for the pedagogical texts; investigative data and the cosmologic body of knowledge with respect to the African genesis of the knowledge of the cosmos for the survival benefit of the future generations.

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