African Philosophy of Science – Webinar Lecture

African Philosophy of Science – Webinar Lecture
(African Origin of Science; Mathematics; Algorithms and Engineering)

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By Mocholoko Dr Zulumathabo Zulu © 2022

You are invited to a webinar lecture: The African Philosophy of Science hosted by The Institute for Pan-African Thought and Conversation (IPATC) of The University of Johannesburg (UJ) . You must register beforehand to attend this ground breaking lecture. See Zoom details at the end of the preamble to register for the lecture.

The Preamble

Western historiography postulates a nonexistence of African philosophy as confirmed in philosophical texts like The Philosophy of History (Hegel, 1824) with a corollary that African descendants are not perceived as being capable of contributing to World Civilisation. The impact of the Hegelian hypothesis is observable on philosophical giants like Marx; Engels and Lenin trusted by African leaders and trade unionists in the use of Marxist philosophy in the liberation struggles against the ECC (Euro-Christian Colonialism) and enslavement. Additionally, the adopted ECC school of parochial axiological ideas has added to the phenomenal ide fixe to fixate and to dominate the African mind; heart and soul and to promote the superiority of Western ideas and morality to the detriment of indigenous African ideas and the moral code.

Our research at the independent Madisebo University Research Institute confirms the existence of a rich set of indigenous scientific philosophies and the relevance thereof with respect to peacemaking; sustenance and survivability of the African Motherland. We show, herein, using indigenous examples in {science; mathematics; algorithms; engineering} that indigenous African axioms and philosophical principles were designed by the African ancients to enhance the sustenance and the survival experience of the future generations of the Melanin.

The African Philosophy of Science Zoom Details

The University of Johannesburg’s (UJ) Institute for Pan-African Thought and Conversation (IPATC), invites you to a webinar titled

The African Philosophy of Science

DATE: Tuesday 8 March 2022

TIME: 16:00 to 18:00 (SAST); 14:00 to 16:00 (GMT); and 09:00 to 11:00 (EST)

VENUE: Online via Zoom


Professor Siphamandla Zondi – Acting Director, Institute for Pan-African Thought
and Conversation, University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

SPEAKER: Dr. Zulumathabo Zulu – Research Scientist and Director of Madisebo University Research Institute; Doctoral Practitioner; Metaphysical Scientist; Cosmologist; Intellectual Historian; Lexicographer;
Contextual Poet; Inventor; Engineer and Published Author.

RSVP: To confirm your attendance and to receive a meeting confirmation, please register via the link below:


For enquiries, please contact Mr Vusi Gumbi at vusig@uj.ac.za (tel: 011559 7232).

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