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The Self-Seeking Deep State

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Self-Seeking Deep State
By Mocholoko Dr Zulumathabo Zulu © 2022

The Preamble

The deep state refers to a political phenomenon wherein unelected officials and lobbysts undully influence or even steer the {strategy; policy; legislation} of the democratically elected members of Parliament in a direction that caters to the private interests of the Deep State as in {MIC (Military Industrial Complex); PIC (Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex) and other powerful lobbysts)} and less of the public interests of the electorate who voted for the Government in the first place. The tax payer/voter is supposed to be the boss of the Government but in reality it is the invasive and insatiable tentacles of the Deep State and a plethora of lobbysts that is the boss of the Government of the day.

Reports such as How Pfizer Silences World Governments in Vaccine Negotiations (Rizvi, 2021); ‘Held To Ransom’: Pfizer Demands Governments Gamble With State Assets To Secure Vaccine Deal (Davies et al, 2021) and others buttress the thesis with respect to the existence of the phenomenal Deep State even though they do not specifically use the label of “Deep State”.

Some radical Deep State demands through the overwhelming agency of actors like Pfitzer, among others, include a Parliament pressured to protect; indemnify or put up massive funds in trust accounts or provide military bases as colateral in exchange for access to medicines and vaccines as reported (Davies et al, 2021) in the quote herein “Pfizer has been accused of “bullying” Latin American governments in Covid vaccine negotiations and has asked some countries to put up sovereign assets, such as embassy buildings and military bases, as a guarantee against the cost of any future legal cases, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism can reveal” as reported by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism of London.

If a voting Citizen requests a piece of land to grow food but does not have the necessary means, Government officials will reject the request and inform the Citizen that Yena does not meet the official requirements. Moreover, the democratic Government will not make the necessary policy or legislative changes to facilitate the fulfilment and delivery of the services with respect to the Citizen. The Citizen is treated with disdain like despicable!

Notwithstanding, when the agent of the non-voting Deep State requests a piece of land for food production, the Government is highly desirous and overzealous to enable the establishment of the new production site including making the necessary policy; strategy and legislative changes to fulfil the request to create an enabling environment.

This is what the Deep State does by bullying Governments to do their bidding. Governments like Azania (South Africa) are muzzled not to discuss or consult public opinion on the futuristic implications of these radical demands including the safety concerns of the clinical trials or Covid vaccine. In other words, the sacrosanct voter is like despicable and is kept in the dark about the reality of the phenomenal Deep State. The elected officials do not feel an iota of a sense of accountability with respect to the Citizens. The voter is only consulted during election time. It is like the case of the boy and the girl wherein the boy promises to buy a brand new jet for the girl but turns his back on her after getting what he really wanted. Without further ado, The Self-Seeking Deep State.

The Self-Seeking Deep State
By Mocholoko, Zulumathabo Zulu © 2022

the sellf-seeking Deep State,
controls the Fourth Estate.
To push them about to retract
To recast truth like inexact
The Deep State transacts
To keep Parliament in the dark
To snub Citizens that voted
The Citizen mandate, aborted

to foreground self like narcissist
to seize Governant like bank heist
To blackmail like axiologic
To hold sway with Fuzzy logic
Voters’ sustenance siphoned
To bottom fish in the pond
Despite being Native to the land
Harsh taste in the mouth of Citizens

Contextual Commentary

The expression “deep state” is an etymological derivative from a Turkish language expression “Derin devlet” wherein “Derin” means deep and “Devlet” means State.

Another analytic and insightful observation is that both words “Derin” and “Devlet” are preceded by the prefix “De”. The “De” lexeme means “also”. Thus, “De” means there is “also” something else in addition to the dictionary meaning of the words “Derin devlet”. The meta-meaning of “De” is about the partriarchal premise of the State as shown below.

When you further break down “Devlet” by removing “D” from “Devlet” you find that “evlet” is Turkish for son i.e. a male figure.

Not only does “Derin” mean deep and “Devlet” means State but it “also” has an underlying patriarchal and parochial sense wherein the State is purposed to be led by a male figure as is the case at this instantanous juncture of present time of January 31, 2022 that the leader of Turkey, the Most Honourable President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is a male figure as it was meant to be by the architects of the political establishment. Thus far, they have not found a female figure to be at the helm of Government. This will require a design change in the political establishment and the socialisation frameworks to facilitate female Presidency.

This is also the case in the beloved land of Azania (South Africa) wherein a highly erudite female Presidential candidate Dr. Nkosazana Zuma was bypassed in 2018 to elect a male figure, the Most Honouranle Cyril Ramaphosa. This is the most incredible fact that flies in the face of uncontested reality that the males who are born from the amniotic fluid of the female do not trust a female leadership in the governance of the affairs of the State.

In the distant past and long before the advent of the patriarchal/parochial White establishment of the racist/sexist Vasco da Gama of Portugal in 1497 on a Christmas Day, the affairs of the State were predominantly led by females who were highly trusted by our erudite African ancestors as the best leaders of Government as confirmed by the female title of Kgosigadi or Mofumahadi meaning the Supreme Leader of Lekgotla Governance system. The male was titled Kgosi meaning chairman of the Lekgotla and a female was titled Kgosikgadi or Mofumahadi meaning a supreme leader of Lekgotla. “Kgadi” in Kgosikgadi or “Hadi” in Mofumahadi meant the most supreme.

Beautiful and vey erudite women of the Basotho people of Azania (South Africa)

What is the etymological origin of tne concept of “Kgadi” or “Hadi”? It is instructive to further generate a list of lexemes as shown below.

Case 1. {Kga; di}
Case 2. {Ha; di}

In case 1, “Kga” refers to an uptake as in “kga metsi” meaning to draw water or “dikgapha” meaning tears. The “di” lexeme refers to the primordial waters of creation from the ancient Sesotho word Mokedi as shown below:

Marothodi – water drops.
Mohlodi – water source.
Mohudi – mist

In case 2, “Ha” means outside or external as shown below:

Mohatla – external tail.
Hama – milk from external udder.
Hapa – to take from inside to the outside.

Thus, a female leader is called Kgosikgadi/Mofumahadi as a veneration of the fact that she is endowed with supreme powers of creation using the primordial waters. She is perpetually venerated for this uncontested fact as demonstrated in her titles of Kgosikgadi/Mofumahadi.

The idea of a supreme female leader is also traced in the etymology of the word Morena which means King in modern usage but contrary to its colonial missionary origins.

The word Morena is presently associated with the Basotho people. The word Morena has nothing to do with the Basotho at least with respect to its etymology.

The word Morena is etymologically from the Portuguese word La Reyina which means a Queen or female leader. This is because the African leaders at the time were mostly females as the ruling Queens of Lekgotla (Royal Palace). The Basotho then Africanised La Reyina by saying Moreyina. As time progressed, the “yi” was dropped to become Morena and the rest is history.

The deep mystery is how did the word change from its feminine principle to a masculine principle? Part of the reason is that the colonists; the slave traders; the School and the Church imposed a partriarchal/parochial system of governance known as Democracy to erase the feminine principle of governance so that it is harder for great females like Dr. Nkosazana Zuma and others of her high stature to become Presidents of the land of their birth Azania.

Notwithstanding, the veneration of the supreme female leadership is attested in the historicity of the erudite ancestors who have gone before us. We give thanks to the erudite ancestors who inspire us in this way.

This high veneration of the feminine principle is congruent with the reality of being birthed by the female womb and breastfed in her bosom. The mamary glands of the highly erudite female leader provide the most quality assured sustenance and the unmatched schooling with respect to natural reality to enhance the survival experience of the human in the terrestrial space in spite of the perturbations that prevail.

It is however, regretable that the patriarchal/parochial society does not venerate the feminine principle as it should be. The patriarchal/parochial Deep State has further entrenched the male superiority who foregrounds his parochial interests before the interests of the voters. How long before the things change for the better?

The great river Zambezi begins at its primordial source in North Zambia with a South East trajectory to Mozambique to pour into the Azanian Sea (colonially known as Indian Ocean).

When the river embarks on her journey, she goes West into Angola (sermingly a wrong way) where she traverses for hundreds of kilometers into the interior of the great land of Angola. At some point, she makes a meandering U-turn to return to Zambia before embarking on her real trajectory. She must first return to Zambia to fetch what she left behind before she retakes her trajectory to the Azanian sea.

To Return To The Primordial Source

As the beautiful sons and daughters of the African soil, we must return to our primordial roots to fetch what we have left behind in order to regain the gutsy spirit and the wisdom to change the parochial things of the status quo for the survival benefit of those coming after us.

We must retake our audacious position as the unbought and unsold architects of our inalienable destiny so that we can vibrate as we were meant to vibrate unimpeded by the harsh vestiges of the ECC (Euro-Christian Colonialism).

The Struggle in Spanish

Sin embargo, la lucha debe continuar! No rendirse! Nunca jamas porque el destino es nuestro! Nosotros debemos derrotar las cadenas vestigiales de la esclavitud y CEC (colonialismo eurocristiano)! La melanina debe sobrevivir en la jungla, para ser el arquitecto del destino no comprado y no vendido como estaba destinado a ser por los antepasados africanos.

The English Translation

Notwithstanding, the struggle must continue! No surrender! Never never because the destiny is ours! We must defeat the vestigial chains of slavery and ECC (Euro-Christian colonialism)! The Melanin must survive in the jungle, as the unbought and unsold architect of destiny as it was meant to be by the African ancestors who have gone before us.

Thokoza Makhosi amahle!

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Rizvi, Z. (2021). Pfizer’s Power in (accessed January 31, 2022).

Davies, M (2021). ‘Held To Ransom’: Pfizer Demands Governments Gamble With State Assets To Secure Vaccine Deal in (accessed January 31, 2022).

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