eNCA TV News Interview on King Zwelithini

Dear friends I am sharing a video clip of an interview with the great eNCA TV News anchor Shahan Ramkisson on Friday March 18, 2021 in the afternoon at 3pm.

The interview was part of tribute to the great Zulu King Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu who transitioned from the terrestrial space to the spiritual realm of the ancestors on Friday morning March 12, 2021 in Azania (South Africa). May his royal spirit rest in peace knowing that we shall pick up his fallen spear to continue the great indefatigable struggle to shake off the vestigial chains of the ECC (Euro-Christian Colonial) system.

The interview was very much about how does succession work in an indigenous African royalty. Watch the view as I describe the Lekgotla system and the methods of succession. Please comment and share the video with friends and family. Siyathokoza Makhosi! Mocholoko.

eNCA TV News Briadcast on Youtube

7 thoughts on “eNCA TV News Interview on King Zwelithini

  1. Listened to you on eNCA ..

    You are sounding so good……

    Well done….We all need to learn and your information is invaluable.

    Best respects as always….




  2. Thank You for the comprehensive background into the succession. I am wiser in knowing the difference between monarchy and our traditional leadership.


  3. Really pivotal points made in this interview, regarding the differences between Afrikan kingship/communal rulership and the western varieties. I like the example you used of former President Mandela’s father’s choice …between a missionary trained successor vs a traditionally trained successor.


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