Madisebo University Information Session

Madisebo University Information Session – SECURE
(Must pre-register to attend this auspicious Zoom gathering)

Madisebo University imagery using Ditema Writing System of the Basotho! Artistry by Z. Zulu.

You can view an embedded Youtube video of this event at the end of this article.

The Preamble

We give massive thanks to the erudite and sharplooking engineer granddaughter of the great legends Caiphus Semenya and Letta Mbulu, the enterprising and indefatigable Gogo Galetlolwe Semenya. We need more of her unbought and unsold beautiful mind! We want all the African descendants of the beautiful and unconquerable Thari/Imbeleko (The Melanin) in the African Motherland and the Diaspora to know and to gain an instinctive grasp of the seismic vibrations of the African buffalo spirit. It is the vibrational medicine of the African buffalo that recharges our African spiritual batteries.

Engineer Gogo Mokgalaka Galetlolwe wa ga Semenya

Nobody is going to do anything for us! The erudite Basotho ancients instruct us with the axioms: “Ntho tse ntle diya iketsetswa” / “Izinto ezintle ziyazenzelwa“; “The good things you must yourself“; “Mphemphe e ya lapisa, Motho o kgonwa ke sa haye” / “Ukucela njalonjalo kuya lambisa, uMuntu ukholiswa esakhe“; “Frequent begging creates hunger, the human is satieted by own produce“.

Despite the abysmal scars and the indellible memories inflicted by the genocidal holocausts of the ECC (Euro-Christian Colonial) systems and institutions and the reparations denied, the African buffalo must arise to shake off the dust and the funks to tackle and to defeat the killing machines of the mighty lions to vibrate as yena was intended to vibrate so that Mother Afrika and her babies are free from miseducation; free from poverty; free from pestilence; free from conflict and free from immorality for her to rise and to prosper for the survival benefit of the future generations of Thari/Imbeleko (The Melanin).

Dear Erudite Family,

This is an important follow-up to my previous communication! We have been advised to strengthen the security of Madisebo University Information Session Zoom meeting. The previous Zoom link given to you is no longer valid! It has been cancelled in favour of a pre-registration Zoom link provided below.

Seats are limited! You must act fast to be part of the gathering. You will not be able to join the meeting if the limit has been reached. You must now pre-register so that you are pre-approved for this meeting. You will follow the instructions below to register and if approved, you will receive an approved email with login details. You will be able to join the Zoom meeting with those details. This Zoom link contained in your email is unique to you and cannot be shared with anyone!

The purpose of the Madisebo University Information Session is to inform you about this Mophato/Corporate University model; the course offerings and the training modalities in accordance with the African Origins of Philosophy. As you already know, Mocholoko is the unbought protagonist of African origins of knowing so that we are not miseducated by those who seek to subjugate us!

To learn more about this Madisebo University initiative, please read the article Genesis and Conceptualisation of Madisebo University.

Follow the instructions below;

You Are Invited As Bana Ba Thari / Abantwana Bembeleko!

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.
When: Feb 6, 2021 10:00 AM Johannesburg

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Ezamathongo! Tsamaroko! Mocholoko, Zulumathabo Zulu

Youtube Videocast

3 thoughts on “Madisebo University Information Session

  1. Hi my name is Mamsy Mokwena and I have a calling to learn traditional medicine and to help people. I am interested in joining ur school in Gauteng as soon as possible.


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