Historiography of Basotho Cosmology

Historiography of Basotho Cosmology
By Mocholoko (Dr), Zulumathabo Zulu © 2020

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Yesterday I was featured by the erudite DJ, Aubrey Masango of 702 FM Radio. It was a powerful conversation about the historiography of the cosmology of the Basotho.

The interview discussed the topic of Historiography of Basotho Philosophy last night Thursday, September 10, 2020 after 10pm on 702 FM Radio with the indefatigable DJ, Aubrey Masango. The purpose of the topic was to foreground African philosophical principles and the indigenous methods used to produce this knowledge and its relevance to the modern African society.

I had an ambitious intent to cover several domains under this topic including the philosophy of cosmology; philosophy of language and philosophy of mathematics but the limitation of time did not permit us to cover all.

A question was asked about the meaning of cosmology. The Basotho word Nalane conceptualises about cosmology as having three components namely (1) cosmogony for genesis; (2) cosmography for spatial features and location and (3) indigenisation for localisation of the knowledge of the cosmos. In other words, cosmology is about the genesis of the people and the cosmos; the morphology and geography of the intergalactic star systems and their indigenous knowledge systems.

For those who missed the broadcast, we have the podcadt for you. Without further ado, the podcast appears below:

The indefatigable DJ, Aubrey Masango of 702 FM Radio. Picture Credit: Aubrey Masango Twitter.

702 FM Radio Podcast

7 thoughts on “Historiography of Basotho Cosmology

  1. Hi Doctor
    I like to have this book/ books for your explanation of our indigenous knowledge gets one thrilled and intrigued and interested to know more about our previous past. I always wondered how our forefathers did things as opposed to the western sentiments meted out against us that we were just a bunch of nothingness for we brought and/or have nothing towards the development of any knowledge on this planet earth.
    This is a master piece. I listened to your conversation above and is therefore compelled to have the book(s).
    I also learned that you do have classes or courses about everything relating to the past, please supply further information to me.
    Thank you in advance and please keep sharing these rear information with us melanin people.


      1. *Thokoza Makhosi!*

        I am a student of nature who started his journey by studying the Bible, Koran and many other spiritual sources after having been instructed to study the bible in my sleep. This compelled me to take a very long and tedious twenty (20) years of search across a variety of spiritual spectrum (Bible, Koran and many more including writings by Egyptologists like Dr Ben, Prof James without a short cut if not straight to the point instruction/guidance like what I witnessed when listening to your Youtube conversation with Bishop Joshua Maponga and Gift Majodina where you demystified mathematical calculation and brush over on Basotho Indigenous Cosmology. Your presentation Sir confirmed what Prof. James said that all (Developments including Knowledge Systems) that we have been taking to be of European origin was actually stolen from us Africans.

        With this little highlight I am intended to have either of your books and/or be given the opportunity to visit/meet you in person.

        I also learned that from next year your University will be opening doors for intakes could you be kind to supply me with further information on that as well.

        Ha e Phaphatoe Khotso


        On Tue, Oct 6, 2020 at 8:17 PM Zulumathabo on the Internet 2.0 wrote:

        > Zulumathabo commented: “Your positive feedback is appreciated and well > received by me! We need more of you. I shall communicate with you by email. > Siyabonga ka khulu! Thokoza Makhosi! ” >


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