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To Defend The Culture’s Vault

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To Defend The Culture’s Vault
By Mocholoko (Dr), Zulumathabo Zulu © 2020

The Preamble

In this special article, choke full of enlightening; liberating; thought provoking and scientific facts as confirmed by the historiography of scholarly references and inline citations, we rigorously focus attention on three topics namely (1) deprivation; (2) saturation and (3) ambiguity.

This disruptive article is inspired by the fact that since Azania (South Africa) was overrun by three colonial powers i.e. Vasco da Gama in 1497; Jan van Riebeeck in 1652 and the British in 1806, spanning a period of more than 500 years, the Azanians have not made any Promethean breakthroughs with respect to extricating themselves out of the clutches of the colonial legacy. The vestiges of colonial conquest remain vivid and germane as it was the case more than 500 years ago as attested for by the fact that the Kwa Zulu-Natal province still carries the colonial name given to it by Vasco da Gama exactly 523 years ago, among others. This shows that shaking off the vestigial chains of coloniality is a hard problem just like a mathematical conjecture that remains unsolved.

Colonization has got to be given an award as the most successful enterprise on the planet. What is it that makes colonization such a successful enterprise? In this article, we foreground the strategic methods used by the Suzerain powers to overextend; to unbalance and to miseducate about the authenticity and historicity of reality. This fact is underpinned by the scientific paper Overextending and Unbalancing Russia: Assessing The Impact of Cost-Imposing Options written and published by the RAND Corporation in terms of how the anti-establishment resisters can be thrown off balance and scattered asunder so that they become unhinged from the resistance to the point of abandoning the anti-colonial and the anti-establishment resistance because they erroneously reach a conclusion that resistance is a futile exercise and cannot be solved in our lifetime as was the case with Egypt that reneged on its historic support for the anti-colonial resistance in the Middle East under the leadership of President Anwar Sadat when he signed on September 17, 1978 (at the White House in Washington DC) the Camp David set of framework agreements with the surrogate state of Israel under the leadership of Prime Minister Menachem Begin sponsored by President Jimmy Carter of Suzerain America effectively erasing the revolutionary gains made by those who had gone before him like the perpetual Africanist legend Abdul Naser. The signatories were later awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. The Camp David framework agreements specifically required that Egypt halt its support for anti-colonial resistance under a beautifully crafted pacifistic name of Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty. As destiny would have it, the resulting vacuum space left by Egypt was subsequently filled by Iran following the unbought and the unsold Iranian Revolution of 1979 wherein Iran, under the leadership of the Holy Supreme Leader Ayatolla Khomeini, provided logistical support for the anti-colonial resistance in the Middle east including support for the Palestinians who were highly brutalised by the daily aggressions of the Zionist Israeli forces.

We draw from the above-mentioned article of the RAND Corporation as an object lesson for the melanin.

Moreover, we need to keep in mind that at some point in history, the future generations of the African Motherland and the Diaspora will scientifically look at our historical record of our timeline and wonder about our pertinent contribution to the struggle for permanent emancipation. If they find that we did not advance the emancipation struggle even by an iota then they will declare that we sold them out. It will be very painful if they reach that inescapable conclusion. As a matter of fact, it is already happening today in Azania with modern youth and Julius Malema of the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) who say that those who have gone before them sold them out as confirmed by Clause 25 of the Azanian constitution that says that the land that was taken away under colonial conquest cannot be restituted without astronomical compensation being paid to the colonial descendants. Clause 25 is the reason why the present generations say those who have gone before them sold them out. It does not have to be this way. We can change that and it shall be changed by those who are directly affected by the vestiges of coloniality.

Without further ado, we begin with the poetic piece To Defend The Culture’s Vault.

To Defend The Culture’s Vault
By Mocholoko (Dr), Zulumathabo Zulu © 2020


Molecular structure of the indefatigable; tenacious and unconquerable melanin. Picture Credit: Wikipedia.

default state, as entry point,
erodes like a counterpoint.
The vacuum, we must ring fence
The octet, to enhance
When unfenced vacuum is the rule
We are subjected to misrule
Inheritance of Azania slipping away!

when electrons, like unvalenced,
atomic shell is unbalanced.
Instability is a new default
Identity, like degraded
To evaporate, like faded
We must resist the default
To defend the culture’s vault

Contextual Commentary

The unconquerable desert flower Mponeng in the expansive African desert of Kgalagadi (Kalahari) is faced with three survival challenges namely (1) deprivation; (2) saturation and (3) ambiguity.

The Deprivation

Deprivation, in the form of water shortage, exacts a stringent punishment on the desert flower as a searing test of the metaphysical commitment of the desert plant to survivability in the terrestrial space of the African desert. The great desert flower Mponeng uses transcendence as a strategy that enables her to mitigate and to pass the searing test with flying colours as evidenced by her unblemished desert corolla. As a corollary and like a fire polished diamond, the highly tested desert plant climbs to greater heights unmindful of adversity. In this manner of mystical transcendence, she injects new energy into her alignment with the cosmic resonance in the terrestrial space to be congruent with the syntactic requirements with respect to the merciful interventions of the heavens so that she can vibrate as she was intended to vibrate unimpeded by the adverse conditions that seek to redefine her. She shakes off the negative mood states to remain undefined by the adverse conditions. She does this with incredible aplomb so that when the rains fall she can spring to life as a metaphysical commitment to the heavens that bring the rain. Accordingly, the robust Mponeng draws energy from the corolla as an unequivocal evidence of her flawless commitment to survivability through the strategy of the African philosophical transcendence inspired by her breathtaking inner whorl of the indefatigable perianth in the aweinspiring desert of the African Motherland.

In the terrestrial space, deprivation is the most unbalancing obstacle in the path of an organism. Deprivation is used by the oppressive forces of reaction and institutions to exact material; psycho-emotional and subliminal punishment upon the organism that refuses to surrender as a robotic stooge and to toe the line of the hegemonic establishment. Deprivation (complemented by methods of subversive infiltration like MICE – money; ideology; compromise and ego) is also intended to transmute revolutionary attempts into recursive states of arrested development and to reverse the gains that have been made by the gutsy resisters as the unbought and the unsold architects of destiny.

The Lexico of Oxford Dictionary defines deprivation thus:

“The damaging lack of material benefits considered to be basic necessities” (Lexico, 2020).

Possessed by a shot in the arm from a natural flow of exuberant confidence that comes with many repeats of incumbent successes to outspend the resisters and to crush all forms of resistance, as was the case with the Black Panther Party, deprivation is leveraged by the Neo-Conservatives; the Neo-Liberals and the agentic jaggernauts as the most trusted non-violent tool to create the necessary material conditions to produce a failed resistance which they can hereafter utilise as a plausible invocation for their insatiable sense of laughter; amusement and ridicule as was the case with the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton under the Obama Administration (glorifying violent means) when she declared “We came, we saw, he died!” referring to the unfortunate demise of the unbought and the unsold Africanist leader of Libya, Colonel Muamar Qaddafi (may his beneficent spirit rest in peace). The Africanist country of Libya was razed to the ground by the extreme violence of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) forces led by the Suzerains of United States of America; France and United Kingdom, among others, as a fear-inspiring example to the anti-colonial resisters and those who refuse to become vassal states around the World that the draconian Suzerains shall breath heavy fire upon them and bring demise to those who refuse to honour the fealty of the Suzerains.

The envelope of deprivation is further extended to unhinge the resistance from a clannish sense of collective solidarity by creating a jittery sense of scarcity; a false sense of consciousness and an amplitude of insurmountable economic insecurity. This strategy is scientifically designed; highly resourced and well calculated by the oppressive White establishment to undermine and to erode the anti-establishment resistance. As a metaphysical case, these strategic acts of treachery have the cummulative effect with respect to the natural arousal of irrational, internecine and seperatist tendences; aggression; depression and anxiety to necessitate a default and irresistible fixation on-cul-de-sac and blind alley obstacles, instead of creative and Promethean solutions, effectively erasing the gains made by the audacious anti-establishment resisters.

For these reasons, the energy of the naive organism in the blind alleys becomes like a spent force with nothing to show for as if the organism is expendable; misguided and devoid of a sense of value for life. Instead of engaging in rational and collaborative activities from a level headed; tactical and selfless vantage point to enhance the survival experience of the clan, the unbalanced organism engages in self-destructing; narcissistic; treacherous and other forms of survival reducing behaviour to put at risk the survivability of the collective.

In the case of the desert flower, the plant engages in risktaking behaviour such as photosynthesis in the absence of water. Photosynthesis (Zulu, 2014a) damages the plant when the water is not there. Photosynthesis requires water in order to function. Consequently, water shortage unbalances the desert flower and throws it off the cosmic center.

Photosynthesis is a survival reducing behaviour during water shortage albeit the plant’s biological urge to engage in photosynthesis on account of exposure to the excessive sunshine. It is herein that we espouse the invocation of Ditaelo/Imiyalelo (the organising principles) to subdue the irrational urges of naturalistic biology.

The indefatigable melanin finds itself in the same undesirable situation as the desert plant as a result of overexposure to the stochastic forms of deprivation through the subterranean machinations of the recessive White establishment. The White establishment uses the tools of deprivation like cultural deprivation; economic deprivation and informational deprivation as a Suzerain strategy to unbalance; to derogate; to distort; to overextend and to unhinge the prowess of the melanin and to subsequently extract fealty under the low-down; low-mind and harsh terms of subjugation.

This nefarious strategy of the White establishment is not exclusive to the mighty melanin.

May the beneficent spirit of the mighty melanin, that boasts uncontested athletic; physical; intellectual; historic and emotional intelligence prowess, rebound to recover from a long low-down setback and to retake Yena’s inalienable role as the unbought and the unsold architect of destiny as it was meant to be. May the beneficent spirit of the erudite ancestors who have gone before us and have watered the tree of freedom with their blood, enlighten; inspire and bolster the indefatigable melanin to enhance the survivability of the melanated clan! Phahamang baholoholo phahamang! Phakamani makhulukhulu phakamani! Arise the ancestors arise! Thokoza Makhosi! (High veneration to the melanated Ancestors).

The hegemonic unbalancing strategy is also used against the perceived non-melanated adversaries of the White establishment as is the case with respect to the indomitable and the unfazed President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation who is on the radar and the gun’s path of the Atlanticist Suzerains.


The unconquerable; the geostrategic and the technological genius on account of the famed indomitable S400 Triumf SAM (surface to air missile) defence system and the unmatched Tupolev Tu-160 supersonic and strategic nuclear bomber that audacously landed in Azania and Venezuela in 2019 as an ostentatious flaunting of a chess checkmate prowess on the doorsteps of the Suzerain White establishment, the unfazed; the intrepid and the convivial President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation at the Crimean city of Sevastopol during a 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Sevastopol on May 9th, 2014. Russia, together with her leaders, was swiftly; harshly; and unfairly sanctioned by the Atlanticists under the Suzerain leadership of the American Neo-Conservative/Neo-Liberal White establishment for retaking Crimea from Ukrain in 2014. As a metaphysical case of the uncontested historical record, Crimea territorially belongs to Russia but was administratively transferred as a collaborative project under the USSR President Nikita Kruschev in 1954 as a procedural action that made economic sense at the time given the geographical proximity of Crimea to Ukrain and also the fact that Ukrain was part of the USSR a fact corroborated by the son of President Kruschev namely Professor Sergei Kruschev who is now a professor at Brown University at Rhode Island in the USA. Picture Credit: Kremlin.Ru website and Wikipedia.

During the cold war we were told that the Soviets were the evil communists who had to be avoided like a pestilent plague. In the post-Communist era, wherein communism does not exist anymore, new reasons of antipathy towards Russia have been concocted and advanced by the Suzerain Neo-Conservatives/Neo-Liberals because Putin does not toe the line of the White establishment.

The fault lines have to do with the uncontested fact that the loyalist and the beneficent Putin is the unbought and the unsold architect of destiny and the unconquerable vanguard of his people and his beloved homeland. The Atlanticist Suzerains want to extract fealty from Sovereign countries like Russia as vassal states but Putin does not acquiesce to the Suzerain demands and he has the geostrategic and the technological prowess to buttress his enviable position as confirmed by the buzz around the S400 Triumf and the Tupolev TU-160 something that others are not able to match.

Unquestionably, the Suzerain America is an uncontested economic superpower (albeit that is being eroded by more than $22 Trillion debt) whereas Russia is an uncontested technological superpower as confirmed by the most indomitable and deadly S400 Triumf missile defence system that has protected Syria from regime change. It is noteworthy that the operational range of the S400 has turned into a no-fly zone (Defenseworld.net Analysis, 2018) to an extent that both the American and the Israeli military generals fear risking their sophisticated aircrafts over areas defended by the S400. This observation gained more credence when China decided to purchase the most feared S400 from Russia (in spite of China’s own homegrown SAM missile defence system) to buttress her defences and to enhance her counterstrike in the South Sea China in response to the American F35 and F22 stealth fighter jet activities.

On the one hand, the highly hyped American Patriot missile defence system was unable to defend Saudi Arabia against Yemen drone attacks on September 14, 2019 on the oil refinery facilities at Abqaiq and Khurais (more than half of oil outputs were affected) in the Eastern part of the country despite an astronomical price tag of the Patriot defence system. On the other hand, the technologically superior S400 missile defence system costs half the price of the Patriot and its coverage and range are well defended as proven by its undisputed success in Syria. Consequently, this explains why geostrategic giants like India; Turkey; China; Saudi Arabia and others are gravitating towards Putin’s Russia effectively changing the balance of power from unipolarity to multipolarity.

Strategic studies analysts like Professor Jeffrey Lewis and colleagues at the university institution Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey in California have scientifically shown, using regression analysis, that the Patriot missile defence system is a dismal failure in detecting and shooting down missiles in spite of the fact that the manufacturer of the Patriot continues to reap billions of dollars in spite of lack of proven success. Their rigorous analytics of the dynamic performance of the Patriot in Iraq against the less sophisticated scud missiles of Saddam Hussein and the interception failures against the missiles fired by the Houthi fighters of Yemen into Saudi Arabia territory (Lewis et al, 2018) has led to the coinage of the expression “The evidence is in: the missile defense system that the United States and its allies rely on is a lemon“.

This regression analysis is confirmed (Fisher et al, 2017) in the New York Times article Did American Missile Defense Fail in Saudi Arabia? as shown below:

Governments have overstated the effectiveness of missile defenses in the past, including against Scuds. During the first Gulf War, the United States claimed a near-perfect record in shooting down Iraqi variants of the Scud. Subsequent analyses found that nearly all the interceptions had failed“.

We are providing this geostrategic perspective because the melanin needs to be unboxed to broaden its epistemic and metaphysical horizons. The techniques that have been used against the melanin are now used against the non-melanated Putin on a geostrategic scale as confirmed in the latest scientific and strategic paper Overextending and Unbalancing Russia: Assessing The Impact of Cost-Imposing Options as outlined by the RAND Corporation in the brief of the scientific report as shown below below:

This brief summarizes a report that comprehensively examines nonviolent, cost-imposing options that the United States and its allies could pursue across economic, political, and military areas to stress—overextend and unbalance—Russia’s economy and armed forces and the regime’s political standing at home and abroad” (Dobbins et al, 2019).

The above quote is from a summary of the scientific paper. The melanated descendants need to be possessed by a defensive sense of moral code and neurotic diligence and read the original report Extending Russia: Competing from Advantageous Ground as shown in the reference section of this article because the melanin is targeted for elimination by the recessive White establishment as demonstrated by unprovoked shootings of the Black man (as attested for by the Black Lives Matter movement) and thereafter to concoct an official story that it was a victim’s fault as recorded in It Was A Victim’s Fault from the book A Woman In The Bush by this author.

The idea of targeting the Black man for elimination by the White establishment is legendary as confirmed with respect to my experience (experience does no lie) in the Anglo-Saxon society of Ottawa. After graduating from a geriatric nursing training program, we were always reminded by our benevolent nursing professor Merle Blizzard of the Extendicare Nursing Homes that lots of challenges lay ahead because some Canadian patients did not like to be cared for by Black nurses particularly the Black male nurses. We were apprised that the White Canadians were more comfortable with Black female nurses than Black male nurses.

It was herein that I became re-educated about the White establishment and thus lost my innocence and naivety in the process especially after surviving a racial violent attack on my life (Zulu, 2014b) on the corner of Laurier and Lyon Streets of Ottawa near the Parliament of Canada as recorded in the crime registry of the Ottawa Police Station; the emergency records of the Ottawa Hospital and the book A Woman In The Bush. It was for this reason that I embarked on a ferocious research about the genesis and the machinations of the White establishment resulting in a book length manuscript The White Establishment.

It is for this reason that we share our insight for the epistemic uptake benefit of the venerated Putin that the hegemonic tools that are presently used to overextend and to unbalance those who resist the fealty of the Suzerains have been consistently and brutally used before to constrain; to crush and to contain the Black man so that he is impotent; disenfranchised and unable to discharge his sacrosanct mission as the vanguard of the Black family and his people as it should be in accordance with the unbought and the unsold African resisters who have gone before him like Patrice Lumumba of Congo; Nnamdi Azikiwe of Nigeria; Samora Machel of Mozambique; Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana; Mavumengwane ka Ndlela of Azania; Mbilini Dlamini of Azania; Julius Nyerere of Tanzania; Ahmadu Bello of Nigeria; Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia; General Manthatisi of Azania; Mbua Nehanda of Zimbabwe; Sekou Toure of Guinea; Abdul Naser of Egypt; Candace of Nubia; Muamar Qaddafi of Lybia and countless others who have gone before us including the West African ancestors of the celebrated Russian literary artist and poet Alexander Pushkin for whom the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts is named in Moscow. As the descendants of the melanated, we are proud to have contributed to the greatness of Russia through the unbought and the unsold African military general and engineer Abram Petrovich Hannibal of Russia. In return, Russia contributed greatly to the emancipation of the Azanians from the shackles of apartheid, lest we forget!

Notwithstanding, the melanin is unconquerable at the level of the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology and the cosmic resonance of the heavens. The gutsy melanin must take a page from my other book African Rules of the Jungle where I show that if you act like a prey, you will be treated like a prey but if you act like an unassailable architect of destiny you will be treated and respected as an unassailable architect of destiny. The indomitable African mongoose will audaciously and unflinchingly bare its teeth at the mighty lions in defence of its sacred grounds and the spirits of the jungle are on the side of the mongoose. As a result, the mighty lions are forced to retreat to try elsewhere.

Thus, the jungle respects and venerates those who defend their ground with tenacity and conviction regardless of the asymmetry between the attacker and the defender. The melanin must take an erudite page from the rules of the African jungle.

The melanin must espouse the three taxa of Ditaelo/Imiyalelo (the organizing principles) to transcend the adverse conditions of the White establishment namely (1) Hoila/Ukuzila/Abstinence; (2) Hohlweka/Ukuhlanzeka/Cleansing and (3) Hoboka/Ukuthakazela/Veneration. These organising principles are exceedingly powerful beyond measure and will defeat any unbalancing that is thrown our way.

The Saturation

The online Urban Dictionary defines oversaturation thus:

“Endless repetition of the same episodes”.

The desert sunshine endlessly subjects the desert flower to excessive killer sunrays making it hard to get on with the business of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is existential to the auspicious existence of the desert plant.

As described in the book The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert: African Philosophical Transcendence, the desert flower (Zulu, 2014a) does not take this lying down. Mponeng fights back using a variety of strategic tools like HSP (heat shock proteins) and ABA (abscisic acids) to mitigate against water deprivation and extreme sunshine to enhance her survival experience in the inhospitable terrestrial space.

The melanated must also draw from the powerful strategic tools of Ditaelo/Imiyalelo (the organising principles of the ancestors) to transcend the adverse conditions and to enhance the survival experience of the melanin in the terrestrial space. The organising principles are existential to survivability. There is no alternative. The melanin must succeed no matter what.

The Ambiguity

The Urban Dictionary defines ambiguity as “indeterminate; unclear; vague; opague and confusing” (Tinydancer10, 2010).

This is a powerful and more pertinent description of ambiguity. In the article Cultural Hegemony and Nkukumuism (Zulu, 2018) I provide more detailed description about the concept of ambiguity as a strategy of cultural hegemony by the White establishment.

The hybridisation of the water shortage; the killer sunrays and the desert winds creates an oppressive sense of ambiguity for the desert plant. Mponeng needs water to get on with the business of living but the water is not there. Mponeng needs sunshine to get on with the business of photosynthesis but excessive killer sunrays are damaging to the plant in the absence of water. The gusty winds and the blasting sand particles negate the very raison detre of making a living in the desert. Nevertheless, Mponeng disambiguates the ambiguity of the adverse conditions by focusing on the heavens where the rain will come to enhance the survival experience. When the rains fall, Mponeng springs to life knowing that the evanscent rain will soon vanish into oblivion. She internalises the rain so that she can draw from the reserves of the rain that fell.

In this way, the badass melanin must not allow himself to be defined and defeated by the adverse conditions in the terrestrial space. Like the great African leopard that recovers from setback after being bullied and tackled to the ground of the grasslands by the killing machines of the mighty lions, the melanated legend must dust himself off and produce an exit strategy to recover from setback. There are no alternatives to the imperative of survivability. The fallen but unconquered African leopard with athletic superiority springs a brand new vicious swipe with his paw like a powerful thunderbolt and gracefully;  flawlessly and concurrently rises to his educated feet forcing the mighty lions to back away for the exit of the legend so that he can vibrate as he was intended to vibrate and get on with his life as the unbought and the unsold architect of destiny as it was meant to be. Thus, the indefatigable; the tenacious and the phenomenal melanin must take a page from the exit strategy of the leopard of the African grasslands so that he can vibrate as he was intended to vibrate in accordance with the vibration of the erudite ancestors who have gone before us.

La lucha continua! (The struggle continues; ntwa etswela pele; umzabalazo uyaqhubeka). No rendirse! (No surrender; ha re cheche; asijigi). Nunca jamas! (Never never; lekgale; neze). El destino es nuestro! (The destiny is ours; lesasa ke la rona; isasa elethu). Tsamaroko! Ezamathongo! Thokoza Makhosi! High veneration to the ancients!


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2 thoughts on “To Defend The Culture’s Vault

    1. The Most Honourable Canadian Brother KB,

      It is heartwarming and gratifying to get your positive feedback on this article that breaks new ground. Through these writings, we are providing the intellectual fighting sticks for the future generations. I am glad that you find the article edifying. Please share with lots of Canadians over there and invite them for more reading of the message of the African ancients.

      We are the only ones who can change the trajectory of the discourse so that it foregrounds the fundamental issues that are close to our heart. Basotho say: Seyeta se tsejwa ke monga sona (only the one who wears the shoe knows what it feels like). They also: Dintho tse ntle diyaiketsetswa (the good things you must do yoursel). We are the unbought and the unsold architects of destiny. The destiny is ours and we must vibrate as we were intended to vibrate in accordance with the vibration of the ancients.

      Endless love from the beautiful land of Azania!

      Siyabonga ka khulu! Thokoza Makhosi!


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