A White God

A White God
By Mocholoko (Dr), Zulumathabo Zulu © 2019

A convert at Christiana
In 1978 for the Adventists
Like fanatic, devoted
Despite obvious, bigoted
A White god like a Saviour
The boy on best behaviour
Overzealous for baptismal
To salvage from the abyssmal

Hitherto, a fugitive inxile
Hereafter, an ANC exile
In the African jungle of 1987
A Jungle school like basilical
Das Kapital like biblical
Marxism shoved down the throat
Marx like White god omnipotent
Me, undefined idempotent

Contextual Commentary

When I went into exile in 1987, I had run away from a White God in apartheid South Africa. When I joined the ANC (African National Congress) camp in Northern Botswana for the liberation struggle, I was introduced to another White God in the form of Karl Marx and his bible Das Kapital. There was no escape from a White God! I then headed for the African desert to reflect on the metaphysics of this traumatising experience. It is herein that the transcendent manifestation of the desert flower Mponeng is revealed to me. I wrote two books inspired by these experiences namely (1) A Woman In The Bush and The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert: African Philosophical Transcensence.

A futuristic desert flower Mponeng perseveres on a harsh and parched ground in the unbounded expanse of the great Kgalagadi (Kalahari Desert). The killer sunrays; the water deprivation and the gusty winds are not enough to asphyxiate the gutsy breath of the desert flower. The audacious and transcendent desert flower never dies! She lives forever! Her robust seed and indefectible roots can remain in the subterrain for decades and centuries undefined by the perturbations of the underground until the glorious appearing of the falling rain. When the rain falls, she springs to life knowing that the evanescent rain does not sojourn forever and will soon be gone. She overzealously internalises the rain so that when the rain is gone, she can draw from the reserves of the rain that fell.


Overgrown sand dune in the Kalahari Desert in Namibia. Picture Credit: Olga Ernst and HP Baumeler of Wikipedia.

The gathering storm clouds of the beautiful African sky promise an imminent fresh rain. In spite of that, she must not be premature about it. There is no telling when the rain will come. Sometimes, the signals of precipitation play a cruel game upon those who anticipate the renewal of the rain.

In the meanwhile, life must go on and the desert plant must ensure a flawless execution of a survival strategy in this punishing wasteland. In accordance with the robustness of her survival strategy, Mponeng bides her time; holds her fire and waits in the wings with great aplomb for the advent of the desert rain.

A stoically repressed vibration is like a desperate cry for the desert rain that is telepathically detected from afar as if by a mystical stomach of the great Masumu of Matamong. The telepathic manifestation of mystical transcendence is like an electric charge of geomancic powers of Dinose/Izanusi (spirit mediums of indigenous African prophecy). These selfless messengers of the gods with sacred hearts are the true mystics in the great struggle of the African cultural revolution for the survival benefit of the future generations. This metaphysical case is existential to our survivability so that we are not overruled by moral decay.

The desert plant is highly inspired by the merciful interventions of the heavens. The desert rain was abruptly taken away from the plant like a brutally cut umbilical cord as a result of perfunctory surgeons who care less about the traumatic aftermath as if they are driven by a sadistic desire to exact a stringent punishment by dispossession. Mponeng does not allow trumatic memories to define her philosophical lense. She must detach from painful memories like a member of a Zulu detachment force of the great King Shaka who remains unaffected by the tragic events of the war.

Accordingly, the indefatigable desert flower pushes back the tensile thoughts while awaiting the advent of the coming rain. Even the smell of a rain dust is like a life giving aroma as the desert plant looks into the heavens for the futuristic rain to rejuvenate her life. The beneficent desert plant is possessed by an exigent sense of readiness for the much needed rain to prepare a benevolent nursery for the future generations so that they can enjoy the vestiges of the rain that fell through the moral code of Lesokwana (the relay) of those who have gone before them.

It is for these reasons that the unbought and the unsold spirit of Mponeng does not permit to be defined and defiled by the adverse conditions that befall the path of a bitter struggle for existence and self-preservation in the terrestrial space. She considers the necessity of adversities as part of the metaphysical tools of persuasion from the heavens that are designed to subdue and to restrain the treacherous self. We are thus reminded by the unblemished ancients that the self is like a trecherous snake in the grass that injects a lethal venom into the flesh of a naive organism as a result of lack of self-regulation and the dearth of rigorous and uncompromising counter measures. The naivety of a derelict organism shall be severely punished for failing to take an instructive page from the metaphysics of the African jungle. It is never about and should never be about the self. The ethical and exigent sense of higher purpose must take precedence over the self in accordance with the moral code.

The great desert flower Mponeng has internalised Diatelo/Imiyalelo (The Organising Principles) of Hoila/Ukuzila (The Abstinence); Hohlweka/Ukuhlanzeka (The Cleansing) and Hoboka/Ukuthakazela (The Veneration). Mponeng awaits the advent of the desert rain with a high sense of anticipation and an indefectible state of readiness.

In opportune time, the gods of providence like Mamchofono wa Tosamasiu will insert a tmely mercifull intervention to enhance her survival experience in the terrestrial space so that she can freely vibrate as she was intended to vibrate in accordance with the sacrosanct vibration of cosmic resonnance. Raboka Badimo Ba Kgethe Le Fere! (We venerate the merciful gods of symmetry and asymmetry). Thokoza Makhosi! (High veneration to the merciful ancients).


Zulu, Z (2014). The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert: African Philosophical Transcendence. Madisebo University College Press: Johannesburg.

Zulu, Z (2014). A Woman In The Bush. Madisebo University College Press: Johannesburg.

9 thoughts on “A White God

    1. Zulumathabo you have always been an inspiration and I like vivid colors of your chronicles. You are an inspiration…….


      1. Brother Mokoena of Canada, the honour is mine to serve the mission of the erudite ancestors who have gone before us for the survival benefit of the future generations. Your words of encouragement are appreciated! We need to be financially supported to create a knowledgebase for the wellbeing of the future generations. Please drum up support for us and encourage them to visit our pages.

        To be on the ground in Azania (South Africa) is to be at the source of original knowledge. Siyabonga ka khulu! Thokoza Makhosi!


  1. Indeed. Greatly shall she be rewarded for her resilience, for her strength, for her knowing.
    Her beauty should be venerated….but in time; for now the underground sources of life shall appease her wants.


    1. Well said, sisi omuhle! Moreover, she is directed by the African philosophical transcendence to remain undefined in the perturbations of the terrestrial space. The philosophical transcendence and the knowledge of the cosmos recharge her spiritual batteries. She hides underground and remains camoflouged but jumps at the first opportunity of the rain wherein her life is rejuvenated.

      Siyabonga ka khulu! Thokoza Makhosi!


  2. Indeed. Greatly shall she be rewarded for her resilience, for her strength, for her knowing.

    Her beauty should be venerated….but in time; for now the underground sources of life shall appease her wants.


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