Beautiful Azania

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Beautiful Azania
By Mocholoko (Dr), Zulumathabo Zulu © 2019

Beautiful Azania!
Like great Abyssinia!
The rising tide, I forsee
To restore Azanian Sea
When the tide rises, all boats rise
To retake the destiny
To restore sacrosanct Azania

Beautiful Azania!
Your name like insomnia
1994 like deceptive bondage!
Your chains like subtle freedom
You shall rise from shackled pain
Like cloudburst of distant rain
Our beautiful Azania!

Contextual Commentry

The majestic Azania! Take heed from the formidable desert flower Mponeng of the glorious Kgalagadi (Kalahari). When the traumatic shock of prolonged water shortage reduces her survival experience, she goes underground to decipher the obfuscated signals of the coming rain. In the great indefatigable struggle to reverse the adverse conditions, the desert flower provides a cybernetic feedback to the heavens to facilitate the much needed precipitation.


Azanian Sea (Indian/Atlantic Occeans) at Cape Town.

When the desert rain falls, she catapults into an effervescent life! Mponeng internalizes the evanescent rain so that when the abrupt rain vanishes into oblivion she can draw from the rain that fell. Mponeng consolidates the emancipatory gains from the ephemera of the rain to prepare for the future like the futuristic African beetle that constructs a nursery ball for the next generation. In this way, the desert flower vibrates as it was intended to vibrate in accordance with the cosmic resonance of the heavens.

Further Reading

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