The Premises of Child Rearing

By Mocholoko, Zulumathabo Zulu © 2019

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The Return of Azania!

Please note that from this day forward, I shall no longer use the name South Africa in my books; scholarly papers and all other articles. Talking about books, please support me by purchasing my books from Amazon. I shall now use Azania as the name of South Africa as proposed by those who have gone before us like one of the erudite and venerated ancestors Zephania Mothopeng of Azania!

The reasons for this radical shift in thinking shall be fully explained with scientific reasons in another article on the subject. For now, suffice it to say that the name South Africa is an English translation from a colonial Flemish Dutch name de Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek, also known as ZAR, meaning the South African Republic. The ZAR was established in Transvaal (the present day province of Gauteng) in 1852 and ended in 1902. The year of 1852 was chosen to coincide with the 200 year anniversary of the landing of Jan van Rieebeck of Netherlands on the shores of our Motherland in 1652 to celebrate the conquesf of the African in the land of the ancestors of Yena. The famous and celebrated leader of ZAR is President Paul Kruger after whom Krugersdorp is named. Gezina in Pretoria is named after his wife Gezina du Plessis-Kruger. ZAR was an internationally recognized country. It was agreed to as a compromise between the Dutch and the English that the Union of South Africa of 1910 shall be named after the ZAR. The South African internet domain ZA is from ZAR.

ZAR was a colonial administration that subjected our African people to genocidal acts of holocaust using the colonial conquest and the institution of slavery to subjugate and to silence our ancestors from whom we are descended. In spite of the glaring and forensic evidence of the magnitude of brutality for which there are no reparations, it is the fervour of the axiology of The White Establishment to use the estates of the realm like The Political; The Economic; The School; The Church and The Media to convince us that the holocaust of the African descendants does not exist and even if it does exist, it does not count for anything. They do this to detach us from the sense of history and to erase our memory of the past. The reasons for this axiological strategy is that the colonial descendant is indispensable and the African descendant is expendable. We shall write more about this axiology another time.

For these cogent reasons, It makes no sense to me that we call ourselves emancipated from colonialism; apartheid and slavery and yet we still use colonial/slave names for ourselves and the beautiful land of the erudite ancestors that was watered with the sacred blood of those who have gone before us. For me, the name of Azania is a positive baby step to break the MSR (Master Servant Relationship) model that currently characterises our socio-economic relations in the land of Azania. Therefore, I ask you to work with me on this one so that if I deviate from this committment, you can call me to order to return to the shining path of the sacrosanct ancients. Badimo ke bao! Thokoza Makhosi!


His harsh destiny is already prescribed for him and he has no choice in the matter.

The Preamble

Since returning to the great land of Azania from exile in the great land of Canada, I have gotten fixated with trying to understand the mind of the Black man which led me to conduct an extended research on how the mind of a Black man is shaped by a relationship between the boy and the mother. In addition to this, the texture of environmentalism is also premised on whether the Black man has a genetic and agentic input in the child. I have completed a book length manuscript on this ground breaking scientific study and am in the process of writing a scholarly article and later a full book on the subject.

Suffice it to say that the mind of a Black man is highly influened by the extent and the web of matrilineal relations and the permutations thereof. If you wish to understand how the Black man thinks, you need to understand the interfaces of the blackbox of matrilineal relations. As a result of this scientific study, I have produced the axioms in a form of inductive premises. Without further travail, I share the three premises of child rearing below:

Premise One

Raising a child is hard.

Premise Two

Raising another man’s child is harder, hence the calculating alpha male of the African grasslands eliminates another man’s child from the equation of child rearing.

Premise Three

Given the tyrannical hybridisation of premise one and premise two which deprives the beta male of his rightful discipline over the child, therefore he is fated to chafe under the protracted chains of a chargeful obligation towards the child making child rearing hardest.

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You have enjoyed high quality content from these erudite pages fresh and original from the great continent of Mother Afrika! We show, through this high quality content that Mother Afrika has contributed greatly through her majestic attributes to the advancement of World Civilisation. These erudite pages use the modality of uncontested facts and metaphysical science to demonstrate the contributions made by Mother Afrika and her descendants.

Some of the uncontested facts include the largest European museum of art the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts located on Volkhonka Street in Moscow, Russia and named in honour of the African descendant the celebrated Alexander Pushkin; the prototype of the telephone invention of Alexander Graham Bell was designed by the African engineer Latimah Lewis and was the basis for the issuance of the patent certificate of the first telephone invention to Alexander Bell (this author worked for Bell Northern Research of Canada); the incandescent light bulb was invented by the same engineer Latimah Lewis; the electrical engineering textbook used by Thomas Edisson was written by Latimah Lewis; the mathematics manuscript The Moscow Papyrus which contains the first case of calculus in solving a volume problem and currently kept in Russia was written by the African descendants of Kemet (present day Egypt); the GPS (global positioning satellite) technology was invented by the African descendant Dr. Gladys West of America.

The list is endless with respect to the stellar contribution of Mother Afrika and her descendants to World Civilisation. This is the reason why we all need one another because together we can make the World a better place.

Thus, it is the unbought and the unsold mission of these sacred pages of the erudite ancestors who have gone before us to treat you to a high quality content based on uncontested facts and scientific evidence and to adhere to the high standards of scientific analysis from the African Worldview.

Notwithstanding, this high quality content is not sustainable without your material support.

You can support me and my research expeditions by making a donation through my company Afrodata Solutions via Paypal or you can buy my books on Amazon. Siyabonga ka khulu (Zulu for we are the grateful ones!). Badimo ke bao! Thokoza Makhosi!

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