To Reverse, A Flawed Design

By Mocholoko, Zulumathabo Zulu © 2018

Doctoral Practitioner; Metaphysical Scientist and Cosmologist

  • The encoding, like detailed
  • The principle, like curtailed
  • Blueprint like Pavlov conditioning
  • To enforce the robotic
  • Viscous rules, like syntactic
  • Social conscience, a vital sign
  • To reverse, a flawed design
  • To reinforce the obstacle?
  • Or to rehearse the oracle?
  • What purpose is the action?
  • That enforces the obstacle?
  • The obstacle reduces survivability
  • The oracle enhances survivability
  • The principle, like analytic
  • The detail, like synthetic


The Zulu regiment commander Prince Dabulamanzi Ka Mpande who defeated the English army of General Chelmsford at Isandlwana in the region of the present day Nquthu in Nothern KwaZulu Natal under the brilliant military strategy and the command of General Ntshingwayo ka Mahole. Badimo ke bao! Thokoza Makhosi!

Contextual Commentary

The Design Purpose

Why do you do what you do? Do you get inspired by the intellectual achievements of the African ancients who have gone before? Or do you allow yourself to be bamboozled and misguided by the superiority of Western ideas; values and ethics at the expense of the rich indigenous cultural knowledge that awaits your enthused exploration? What is the design purpose of your existence? Do you ever reflect upon the impact of your actions upon others? Do you ever care about how the survivability of the future generations is reduced and betrayed by your egotistic and sellout actions? Do you ever appreciate the sacredness of relationships and that your life depends on them like oxygen? Do you realize how it betrays the future of the future generations when you backstab or contaminate the relationships of those who place their trust in you? Are you the architect of your sacrosanct destiny as it was meant to be or are you like a boxer in the boxing ring who has lost many rounds and continues to absorb the punishing blows from the adversarial opponent and you and your refree treat these dangerous blows as though they were phantom blows because you are not cognitively aware of the authenticity and the implication of reality?

This is the metaphysical case of cultural hegemony which is designed to make you numb towards reality using an assortment of subliminal techniques. Subliminal techniques rely on reducing the contrast with respect to hidden messages so that these messages are not picked up by the conscious mind but are rather absorbed and processed by the subconscious mind (Karam et al, 2017); (Varga et al, 2016). Subliminal methods work like cultural hegemony the purpose of which is to inculcate a sense of ambiguity which in turn creates a sense of personal instability. Religiosity is a powerful tool in this regard.

Subliminal messages are particularly effective under the psychophysical conditions wherein the subject is in a metaphysical state of desiring the things associated with the visual or auditory stimulus on TV or some other media content. Subliminal messages are used for mind control so that you fail to gain a cognitive awareness of reality or they can negate your decision making ability. Subliminal techniques include backmasking and hidden messages.

By “cognitive awareness” we are describing the thought processing of reality. When you are not cognitively aware, the implication is that you are tuned out of reality with respect to the 360 degrees of the environment in which you find yourself. The questions you need to ask should be: What is real? What is the metaphysical case of reality? What are the metaphysical objects in the domain of reality? How do I awake up from this deep sleep that threatens my survival experience and that of my people?

About African Metaphysics

African metaphysical science (Zulu, 2018) is about the metascience of reality and a scientific investigation of the authenticity thereof. If they want to change your reality, they will change your environment because a human being is a social creature of the environment. A television is a tool used to change the reality of your environment. The cell phone is the tool designed to spy on you and also to change your reality. The cell phone is also a source of microwave energy that can harm your health and retard the brain development of your child.

If you let your children watch TV  or play with cell phones unsupervised, you are letting their reality to be changed by the the external business forces knowing very well that you have no control in the input of the content of the television set or the cell phone. The content in the TV or cell phone is paid for and will thus be shoved down your throat regardless of your protest. Subliminal messages including backmasking are embedded to alter your perception of reality.

African metaphysical science in Africography is designed to equip you with superior scientific skills to understand reality; to filter deletarious stimuli and to educate you; your children; your family and your community about what is real.

You Can Transcend

You are not bound to a meaningless and survival reducing situation. You cannot allow the materials and other trapings to bind you to a servile life governed by the urges of the flesh. You are better than that. You owe it to yourself; your people and the future generations to transcend the adverse conditions in order to enhance your survival experience in the terrestrial space.

It is incumbent upon your selfless spirit to adhere to the moral code of the clan and the voices of the ancestors and thus to remain “undefined” by the adverse conditions of the terrestrial space as described (Zulu, 2014) in the book The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert: African Philosophical Transcendence. You cannot allow the social construct; the contraptions and the economic tyranny of The White Establishment to bootstrap and reset your life.

You need to return to the authentic source of your life’s purpose that was given to you by the African ancients. You need to return to the cultural village so that you can learn Dithoko/Diboko/Izithakazelo/Iziduko of the ancestors. You need to go on an African pilgrimage like dithakong tsa kgale le maropeng / izindlela zasendulo / the shrines of the African ancients where the waterways; the grasslands; the great lakes; the great seas; the mountains and the animals still preserve the memory of the sacred past.

In the aforementioned book, (Zulu, 2014:99) we read these lines:

The great desert flower Mponeng resists extreme drought in the dehydrated ground of the blazing Kalahari under extreme temperatures with no rain in sight. Depite daring attempts by the desert to redefine her using adversity as a chiseling tool, the desert plant refuses to be defined by adversity and instead resorts to transcendence as a means of mastering her own destiny“.

The Sacrosanct Destiny

The sacrosanct destiny is calling you! Your destiny is already here waiting for you. Notwithstanding, even if the destiny is yours to make ammends with, the forces of reaction are not going to give it to you on a silver platter like kiss-up and make-up between a man and a woman.

You must be armed with the tools of tenacity; ferocity and audacity to retake what is rightfully yours like a volcanic architect of destiny in accordance with the moral code of the erudite ancestors who have gone before us. This was the case with the great regiment commanders like Dabulamanzi ka Mpande; Mavumengwane ka Ndlela; Zibhebhu ka Maphitha of Mandlakazi;  Vumindaba ka Nthati and Mbilini Dlamini who defeated the English army at the Battle of Isandlawana under the brilliant military command of the great General Ntshingwayo ka Mahole. The honourable King Cetshwayo ka Mpande was pleased with those military exploits that showcased the military prowess of his fighters and the Zulu military academies that produced them. Badimo ke bao! Thokoza Makhosi!

In addition to his military expertise, General Ntshingwayo was physically fit with superior athletic prowess at an advanced age of 70 and he defeated the celebrated English commander, General Chelmsford at a young age of 52. This confirms that the military academies of Zululand produced better athletes than the military academies of England. To show his athletic prowess, a 70 year old General Ntshingwayo was able to walk and run on foot from Ulundi to Nquthu a traversal distance of more than 100 kilometers while a 52 year old General Chelmsford had to be carried on a hoarse wagon like a cry baby.

The Power of Melanin Chemistry

This is the power of the melanin chemistry which the African descendants are endowed with. It is noteworthy to point out that the melanin molecule (which The White Establishment lied about that it was only a skin pigment) possesses incredible functional groups that allow for a physical stimulus to be processed locally so that by the time the stimulus reaches the brain, it only has to be executed and not to be processed as is the case with non-melanated people. A recessive design lacks the explosive speed of this reaction time.

As a geriatric nursing assistant at the geriatric institutions of Canada, I tested this melanin hypothesis by letting an aged Caucasian hold a glass full of water. If the water was spilt that meant a malfunction of the melanin chemistry at the substantia niagra. Using regression analysis based on the interpolated data points, I established that the Caucasians were not able to hold the glass without spilling the water while the African descendants did not spill the water, for the most part. This confirmed my hypothesis that the African descendants boasted a greater functional efficacy of the melanin chemistry than their non-melanated counterparts. This analytic data from this ad hoc experiment later formed a basis for my invention of Thekwini Visual Canvass for which intellectual property certificates were registered by the Federal Government of Canada after further independent research at the University of Ottawa.

For this reason, the melanin molecule represents a powerful design on the basis of the fact that proximal processing is faster than distal processing. When the melanin delegates the processing of the stimulus to the local functional groups, this obviates the latency problem associated with distal processing via the distributed computing system. The distal system is mainly used for the execution output which has the effect of increasing the reaction time of the highly melanated athlete via the efferent system.

This molecular design of the melanin system is similar to the engineering design of computer architecture wherein local processing in the registers is faster than distributed processing via the memory chips such as RAM (random access memory) wherein the data fetch has to propagate via the RAM BUS system to the Northbridge and then from there to the CPU via the FSB (front side bus). The latency problem in this case is due to the fact that the datapath has to go through two BUS systems which already have their respective latencies namely the latency of the RAM BUS and the latency of the FSB BUS. This latency is avoided by delegating the processing to the local registers so that the CPU can gain speeds by computing the execution output.

Thus, the functional groups of the melanin molecule are like the registers of the CPU (central processing unit) in a computer architecture and the PLC (programable logic controller) in an industrial processing architecture which require a realtime programming language like Assembly Language to execute the engineering instructions at a lightening speed.

I am writing a book on the melanin chemistry for the survival benefit of future generations. Part of the African metaphysical science is to carry out scientitic investigation of reality with respect to the melanin molecule. This book is one of the texts to be taught at the new school Madisebo University College. Watch this space! Badimo ke bao! Thokoza Makhosi!

The Object Lessons

The Zulus at Isandlandlwana defeated the English army in an outright military victory on January 22, 1879. In fact this is not the only battle in which the Zulus defeated the English. There are numerous other battles like The Battle of Hlobane; The Battle of Ntombe and others in which hundreds of the English soldiers were decimated by a fearsome Zulu commander General Mbilini Dlamini and his fearsome and highly disciplined Abaqulusi regiment assisted by reinforcements from Ulundi under the command of the great military strategist Mnyamane Buthelezi.


The celebrated Zulu General Ntshingwayo ka Mahole who engineered the defeat of the English army under the celebrated General Chelmsford at Isandlwana. Seen here with a Martini-Henry and his family.

Nonetheless, the trecherous English army, by hook and crook, eventually reached the royal headquarters of the King at Ulundi as a result of the self-complacent Zulu officialdom failing to take an erudite page from the successful military expeditions of the commander of the Abaqulusi, General Mbilini Dlamini ka Mswati. It is recorded in the journals of the English military officers that General Mbilini was the man that the Zulu commanders had to rely on for victory but they ignored his military genius at their own peril and the rest is history. In the literary piece The Great Legend Mbilini we pay deserved tribute to the indefatigable General Mbilini Dlamini.

I point this out as an object lesson. If we fail to learn from history, we are bound to repeat it. This is the reason why the emancipation struggle of the African descendants has been moving at a snail’s pace due to their collective failure to learn from the past mistakes. Solving an existential problem, such as is the case with The White Establishment, is like solving a mathematical problem. If you lack superior skills in the respective domains of numerical logic; sequence; relations; patterns; metaphysics and taxonomy, you will work hard but produce inferior results. If another brother or sister is endowed with superior skills of metascience then it is incumbent upon us to give it to them to do what they are better at so that they can increase the output of productive solutions for the survival benefit of future generations.

Consider the following trivial problems. You need to say if the answer is a prime number or not. A prime number is a number that only has a maximum of two divisors namely 1 and itself. Number 1 is not a prime number but number 2 is prime because its divisors are 1 and 2. Write Y if the answer is prime and N if it is not. There are five problems. At the end of answering, tell us how many primes are there.

  1. 1 + 2 + 7 × 2 =
  2. 3 × 2 + 2 × 3 =
  3. 6 ÷  3 + 5 × 2 =
  4. 1 + 2 + 3 × 2 =
  5. 1 + 2 + 4 × 2 =

You need to reply to this post and tell us how many primes are there. If you don’t know or have have trouble what is a prime, I will accept correct answers to the problems. Badimo ke bao! Thokoza Makhosi!

The Future Generations

The future generations will judge us harshly if they feel we did not do enough to undo the irreversible actions of colonization and enslavement.

This is already the case today wherein many young people like Malema and others are saying Mandela and those around him sold us out (a radical shift in thinking that questions the authenticity of reality).

This strident sense of betrayal is confirmed by the Clause 25 of the post-1994 Constitution of the Republic of South Africa that guarantees that the colonial descendants can keep their property rights which were acquired by colonial land dispossession. Moreover, the former ANC (African National Congress) Minister of Intelligence Ronnie Kasrils describes as a real case wherein Mandela and his team agreeably signed what he describes as a self-sabotaging “Faustian Pact” with the global capital. Mandela and his team had the best intentions for future generations but there is an expression that says the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Thus, it is not good enough to have good intentions. You have to do better than that.

For this reason, it is our sacrosanct mission (using African metaphysical science) to fix the damage so that the future generations can walk on bridges built by those who have gone before them.

Considering that the beautiful land of South Africa has suffered the most brutal form of destruction with respect to indigenous culture being bullied by Christianity; other foreign religions; the mushrooming churches and the Eurocentric schools that promote the superiority of Western ideas and values resulting in the extreme cases of cultural disdain and moral decay, it is urgent that the voices of the ancestors are ressurected through The Cultural Revolution.

These sacred pages of the ancestors are the genesis of The Cultural Revolution that begin like insignificant wetlands of Mwinilunga of Zambia but soon gain irreversible momentum to become the mightiest river in Southern Africa and Africa’s largest east flowing river. As the Basotho say “Molapo otlala ka melatswana” meaning that the mighty river gets larger through the small tributaries.

These pages are the tributaries that will soon become an irresistible tide of The Cultural Revolution. Thus the time is nigh when the African descendants will not have to be apologetic about being authentically African. Siyabonga ka khulu! Badimo ke bao! Thokoza Makhosi!


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