The Mother Was Not There

By Zulumathabo Zulu © 2017

NOTES: This article was written for my followers at LinkedIn. There is more than three thousand of them. I was not able to post the message there because LinkedIn felt the message exceeded their limits. I then decided to post it here on Zulumathabo on the Internet 2.0 forum.



Zulumathabo Zulu in 2007

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Family

It is a great honour for me to write to you. I have not composed and posted a public message before on this platform. This is the first one, like a maiden voyage. I got into LinkedIn in 2007 when I was working as a Software Engineer for the Google company Adscape Media in Ottawa, Canada. I was actually encouraged by my Canadian colleagues to do this and for that I am grateful.

The purpose of this message is to inform you that even though my names have appeared as Vusi Zulu-Moloi, I actually prefer to be addressed as Zulumathabo Zulu because that hits the spot! There are all kinds of cultural, spiritual and identity reasons for this but suffice it to say that from now on going forward I am changing the LinkedIn profile to reflect my African essence. Moloi is my mother and Zulu is my father. To my babies in the Arctic country; beyond the Atlantic divide (they will always be my beloved babies!) accept your father as he wants to be.

I want to say thank you to all of you who have joined my network either through me making the request or you making the request. Your friendship is appreciated and highly valued!

Like an African Fish

I have lots of knowledge and initiatives to share with you. These initiatives are not the dreams of others (like some of you who promote multi-level marketing) but the dreams of the erudite African ancestors who have gone before us; thus to own, architect and direct our destiny. I don’t chase the dream of another man.

I don’t represent foreign ideas or Eurocentric outlook or some foreign ideological influences even though I have spent most of my life in foreign lands. I am like an African fish that stays in a salty water but when you catch it, it does not have salt because it refuses to internalize the salt. I stayed in the Anglo-Saxon society of the great City of Ottawa Canada for the most part of my life but I refused to allow the WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) Eurocentricity of the White establishment to be internalized. I even wrote a book The White Establishment (unpublished MSS) about my analytical experiences. I am grateful for this transcendental adaptation because it was not easy to do. Thokoza Makhosi!

The African Origin of Knowledge 

I represent the African origin of knowledge and philosophy. The Africans are the inventors of chemistry, engineering, philosophy, mathematics, medical science, cosmology, long distance communication (Google my scholarly paper African Drum Telegraphy and Indigenous Innovation) and more. Why then should you be chasing foreign dreams when you should be the world leader of technological innovation and inspire those coming after you?

Initiated as Mocholoko

I was selected as a little boy and a herdboy in the village of Matamong in the Eastern Free State, in what is also known as Afrikaskop, as Mocholoko. If you don’t know what is Mocholoko, we shall explain that more in another posting but suffice it to say that Mocholoko is the messenger of the gods who has the knowledge of the medicine plants, the geomancy, the logosyllabric script, the knowledge of the cosmos and the moral code of the erudite ancestors who have gone before us. As a result, Mocholoko is an unblemished emissary who is bound by the sacred moral code, the norms and the values of the erudite ancestors to represent them honourably on this terrestrial space of Lefatshe. Mocholoko does not live for himself but for the ancestors who live inside him.

The Selfless and Sacred Moral Code

Many of you who know me well, know that I am not driven by the urges of the flesh or the materials. I must remain pure in spirit, thoughts and body. It is my sacred mission to scientifically understand and defeat the moral decay that is currently eroding the moral and cultural fabric of the African family. This poses a serious threat to our survival us as a people!

Those Who Seek To Subjugate Us

Without a strong African family, we are vulnerable to defeat and manipulation by those whose genitalia get hard at our natural resources. These turbulant things are happening because those who seek to subjugate us necessitate this kind of chaos in order to rape the sacred land (and the natural resources) of the erudite ancestors who have gone before us.

They did this to the African country of Libya which was prosperous, peaceful and not indebted to the World Bank and the IMF. Under the leadership of Hilary Clinton of the United States of America during the Obama Administration, Libya was destroyed and Muammar Qaddafi killed. Why? Along with the African Union, Qaddafi had led the formation of the African Investment Bank (to replace the World Bank) based in Libya and the African Monetary Fund (to replace the International Monetary Fund known as IMF) based in Cameroon with a unified African currency backed by gold. The US dollar is a debt currency not backed by gold and the formation of a unified African currency backed by gold under the African Union was an impressive threat to the US dollar and that was not to be. The African is not allowed to architect the destiny of Yena. President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation has asked the question “Who gave America the right to destroy Libya?” No one has responded.

It is our duty as the sons and daughters of the African soil to take a stand to reclaim and to defend the sacrosanct land of the ancestors and to rebuild our ethno-pluralistic cultures and our many knowledges and reclaim the sacred moral code of the erudite ancestors who have gone before us. We need to carry out their wishes and represent them well.


In conclusion, I would like to take a leaf from the desert flower as described in my book The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert: African Philosophical Transcendence. A desert flower is an incredible organism. She is born in an inhospitable environment that subjects her to harsh forms of adversity and yet she does not allow herself to be defined by those adverse conditions like the African fish described above.

Instead of rehashing the bad experiences of the harsh environment, you will see this fragile plant showing some green. She is essentially overcoming evil with her natural beauty of thoughts, spirit and appearance. The problem, though, is that when the baby plant Mponeng ventured into the open, the heavy rains came down upon her and the mother of the flower was not there to protect her. How does the baby survive without the protector?

The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert: African Philosophical Transcendence 

This is what the book The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert: African Philosophical Transcendence has to say about this in a literary piece The Mother Was Not There:

“It is a good thing her mother was not there. She would have intervened spoiling the whole experience as it would not have been easy to stomach the lashing of her beautiful baby in the fury of the winds and the hardhearted battering by the falling rain even though she understands the mandatory curriculum of the desert school”.

The book goes further to describe the situation and the outcome but you must buy the book to learn more. The book is available at:

The Rhema Church Bookshop, Hans Schoeman, Randburg.

You can also buy the book at:

Madisebo University College Press
106 Johan Avenue
Sandton, 2196
Telephone (010)003-7769

Siyabonga ka khulu. Thokoza Makhosi!
Zulumathabo Zulu


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