The Asymmetrical Conjugate

By Zulumathabo Zulu © 2017

Despite winters that frustrate
The Dodge Omni, we venerate
Massey had promised British Colombia
But we landed on Arctic ice enticed
Ottawa’s smiles reassuring
Barbecue’s sizzle, enhanced!
Hereafter, the sizzle incensed!

Hitherto, the sizzle very great!
Hereafter, the sizzle curtailed!
Nevermore to invite for dinners
The girl’s fear, inculcated at formation
The boy, drilled to protect her
The asymmetrical conjugate!
Syntactically, congruent!


Udu drum

Contextual Commentary

The melanated prowess is feared. Hereafter, it is the basis of unintended fear! The probabilistic causality, through no fault of the melanated, engenders fearful perturbations in the internals of the recessive. Hereafter, the melanated prowess is perceived as a biological threat to the survival experience of the recessive.

The syntactical genetic of the melanated, encoded for tactical adaptation, flawless execution and cosmic sensing, begets iterative fear in the recessive. Unable to correct the operational inadequacy, the recessive retreats into a defensive state of aggression to amplify inhibiting fear in the melanated. If the melanated consistently stays true to the principles of transcendence, the recessive may someday take a leaf from the melanated and thus return to atone for the nefarious ways. Like the Nigerian women who transmute clay into a graceful sound of udu, the recessive may eventually become a beautiful sound. 

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