Hereafter, To Venerate Snowden

By Zulumathabo Zulu © 2017

Never, to live with his kind
The beloved ones, left behind
The establishment, threatens!
The country, he must abandon!
Pregnant, with forensic truth
He must preserve it, like sleuth
Tropospheric, across the globe
Sanctuary, for fugitive!
Despite passport, abortive!

Secure, like sealed envelope
Unblemished truth, our hope
The fugitive, on state kill list
Hereby, to render him deceased
Unbought, like intrinsic!
Unsold, like forensic!
The fugitive, exiled afar
Socialist republics, ajar
Hereafter, to venerate Snowden


Contextual Commentary

The parched ground, in the inhospitable desert, makes it impossible for the desert flower to thrive on the surface. She needs photosynthesis in order to exist. In the extreme case of water shortage, photosynthesis kills the plant. For this reason, the desert flower must abandon photosynthesis in order to preserve and enhance an alternative survival experience. The flower is forced to find sanctuary in the underground where the ribosome thrives without water. It is herein, that the serene medicine of rest awaits the desert fugitive.

In the underground, the organism rewinds the HPA Axis (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenalin axis) in order to reverse the deletarious effects of stressful hormones like cortisol. Rest and sleep are the greatest forms of medicine. More specifically, sleep reduces the high levels of cortisol that come as a result of the overactivity of the endocrine system.

Cortisol is highly toxic if prolonged as it begins to damage the arteries and suppress the immune system. An organism can even develop flu as a result of the unrestrained cortisol levels. Cortisol is excellent as an ephemeral system of defense for priming the cardio-vascular and brain processing system but must be avoided when protracted over a large segment of the timeline.

The desert flower hides underground while relishing the secret nutrients of the protective ribosome. While at rest, the flower engages in remote sensing for the slightest indications of the falling rain. When the first raindrops hit the parched ground, the flower springs to life like a charged particle of electromagnetic energy. She dances in the breeze and internalizes the rain that falls like a solar panel that absorbs and stores the sunrays that fall and bounce. Hereafter, the desert flower has shaken off the funks of existential caprice and never more to be morose; teaching us the metaphysical strategy of transcendence over the physical limits of existence.


3 thoughts on “Hereafter, To Venerate Snowden

    1. My beloved sister from another mother. Your accolades are well received by me. We give thanks to the erudite ancestors who ferment and brew the molecular action of these writings and on behalf of whom we produce these sacred pages. I heed their voice when they call. This is what I live for; to fulfill their sacred mission on this terrestrial globe. In this way, we uphold their moral code and their cosmic fiat to empower all humanity regardless of race, creed or gender.

      In this instance, it is gratifying and heartening to pay deserved tribute to a graceful, selfless and gutsy young brother like Edward Snowden who has transcended himself above all else, even to lose the security and comfort in the bossom of his motherland to underscore the integrity and the moral code of the constitutional promise for his people. He hedged his bet on the fact that enhancing the survival experience of his people in the face of the invasive clutches of the political machine was equal to life itself. He lost it all to pursue this vicarious mission and became vindicated in the process.

      Given a similar situation, most people would defer their conscience, comfort themselves in the bliss of ignorance and never have to risk anything. He chose to do the opposite of that.

      Sigabonga ka khulu.


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