Hereafter, To Venerate Assange

By Zulumathabo Zulu © 2017

Contents, of a hidden script
To uncover, like a cobra spit!
To obviate cryptic channels
To empower, the, tentative!
At great cost, footage attained
At great risk, the logs of war
At great peril, diplomatic cables
Even, to preserve Snowden
Unblemished, despite Sweden

Stench upon him, was pasted!
Machismo charm, adjusted!
Stencil of his likeness, traced
To vilify him, encased
A taxonomical non-state
To curtail, the fifth-estate
Embassy space, threatened!
Hitherto, baptised by fire
Hereafter, to venerate Assange!


Contextual Commentary

The great desert flower Mponeng, finds herself in the cross hairs of the hegemonic vortex that has been tracking her and now descending upon her. The flower, with a rare combination of beauty and brains, is vigorously resisting the easy temptation of kowtowing to the hegemonic entrapment. The formation of the treacherous whirlwind of dust came out of nowhere and was never adequately prepared for. The vortex is attempting to subdue, or worse, silence the desert flower using the vacuum suction of a twister. The irregular and threatening axis of spiral rotation has gotten too close to the plant, to create a sense of fear and disorientation while pulling and twisting in order to displace her.

The upward vertical motion is relying on the forces of convective updrafts to achieve the displacement. The advective forces are also at play to effectuate the horizontal twisting. Nonetheless, the beautiful, indefatigable and transcendental plant is standing her ground, defending her patch and resisting all attempts to be displaced or uprooted. Despite beaten and tossed, back and forth, by dust particles engineered by powerful winds and despite sustaining some damage in the process, the unconquerable desert flower eventually defeats the snaking winds.

Hitherto, the survival of the plant was in doubt but hereafter, the tenacious and awe-inspiring flower has blossomed to prevail against some of the most impactful and displacing forces ever experienced on parched grounds. Inspired, energised and directed by the great desert flower, we take a leaf from the desert transcendent and honour her in affording us the experience of a vicarious existence.



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