Rising From Hospitalization

By Zulumathabo Zulu (c) 2017

Dear Friends,

This serves to notify you that I just discharged from hospitalization where I was in the intensive care unit. Needless to say I tasted death during this time.

I was supposed to meet my grave at ward 8 where I was initially admitted. But the great creator Tlhatlhamacholo and the gods of the  cosmos were too kind to defer my time of passage to the other side.

As the great Basotho say “hare sotswe phakoeng” we are not out of danger yet we are very much in the land of the living and making every effort to stay alive.

The good news I bring from the spirit world is that the erudite ancestors have given me a new book to write which will represent the greatest book I have ever written before the nightfall.

I am the chosen child of the erudite ancestors to discharge their mission as a humble messenger.

If you have whatsapp on your phone look for a group African Origin Philosophy and join this group to stay updated.

Endless love from me.



10 thoughts on “Rising From Hospitalization

  1. Greatness is being honored , Indeed this is great news to hear from you Sir great African ancestors have great deal to suvival . I would like to send you my sincere gratitude to you as you are holding on and getting better treatment.


    1. Dear Tshepiso,

      Raboka ka ditaba tsentle. Your moral support and hereby having returned from the brink. I’m glad that you continue to rise like a shining star having given you the intellectual fighting sticks to advance the African origin of knowledge. Give my endless love to all those brilliant university students of mine.



  2. The motivation Mr Zulu is giving me as a Student nurse.It is priceless,the man is a blessing..Keep on fighting Sir,we are serving a great God…


  3. I am glad and happy to read that You are well and good both in Spirit and body. There are a lot of Us who You are getting back on the path towards knowing and understanding Our true selves and sacred ways of Our Ancestors. Keep getting stronger and healthier Olutosona (Lord who shows the path). E ma fara sile – Don’t leave the body which means stay strong. Endless Love from all of Us.


    1. Dear Enikini,

      Thank you for the kind words that inspire and bring healing with full recognition of my sacred mission. We venerate the fact that you take pride in the indigenous language of your ancestors. You are venerated by us for that!. Please share with the readers on this platform about your language and why it is important for all humanity to embrace the language of their ancestors. If you can write an article on that and send some images of the culture, I will publish on this platform.

      Yes the erudite ancestors have brought me back from the brink of the precipice. I had lost hope ready to give up. They appeared in a vision to renew my mission. They instructed me to write a new book and then I said “If they want me to write a book that means I shall live” and that was enough to recharge the batteries of my soul and the body. At some point I was the only one left alive in the ICU, the others having passed on. I am eternally thankful for the gift of life and the my mission shall be accomplished and I have begun to write the new book of the erudite ancestors who have walked the path before.

      Many thanks and endless love from us here in the land of the ancestors.

      Siyabonga ka khulu (Zulu for we are grateful)
      Thokoza Makhosi


  4. Dear Zulumathabo, Greetings !
    I wish you a total recovery. How are you now ?
    Your work is impressive and opens the doors for great perspectives in STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).
    I would like to explore with you the creation of an institution of strategic thinking which will inculcate ancestral knowledge to those melanite people of the diaspora.
    I would like myself be a living example, and I am opened to learn.
    I am currently living in New York City.
    My background is in meteorology, Mathematics coaching and Cosmogony.
    Thank You for your dedication
    Jean Claude Akpo


    1. Dear Jean Claude,

      Bonjour! Hola! Gracias por compartir tus sentimientos conmigo. Tu eres muy amable como esta manera. Your message is highly appreciated. Yes, I am bouncing back in a powerful way from the spirits of the underground. The gods of the cosmos and the erudite ancestors of the clan, have assisted me to resist the forces of reaction so that my light is not snuffed out. Hereafter, I shall serve them with greater zeal than before to bring about permanent liberation. Thokoza Makhosi!

      Your proposition of collaboration is most welcome and we shall explore this together. I am organizing a gathering of scholars, community activists and family representatives to take place in the first week of August at the University of South Africa. Stay tuned and I would like you to join us via skype.

      Your background in meteorology, mathematics, and cosmogony is very impressive and we need more of you to raise the African flag in these knowledge disciplines.

      Siyabonga ka khulu (muchas gracias)


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