Rising From Hospitalization

By Zulumathabo Zulu (c) 2017

Dear Friends,

This serves to notify you that I just discharged from hospitalization where I was in the intensive care unit. Needless to say I tasted death during this time.

I was supposed to meet my grave at ward 8 where I was initially admitted. But the great creator Tlhatlhamacholo and the gods of the  cosmos were too kind to defer my time of passage to the other side.

As the great Basotho say “hare sotswe phakoeng” we are not out of danger yet we are very much in the land of the living and making every effort to stay alive.

The good news I bring from the spirit world is that the erudite ancestors have given me a new book to write which will represent the greatest book I have ever written before the nightfall.

I am the chosen child of the erudite ancestors to discharge their mission as a humble messenger.

If you have whatsapp on your phone look for a group African Origin Philosophy and join this group to stay updated.

Endless love from me.



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