The Symbolic Beauty of X

By Zulumathabo Zulu © 2016

Literal existence hitherto
The indirection hereafter
Blombos confirms the symbolic
To pre-exist the prior narrative
The symbolic behaviour
A selfless representation
To remain a loyal vanguard

The symbolic beauty of X
To stand for the numeric
To preserve the syntactic
To stand like the selfless
To do this like self effacing
Hereafter, the symbolic rising

The numeric like linguistic
To rephrase like syntactic
To take a page from beautiful X
To learn of the selfless symbol
She hides the flaws that exist
To show the beauty like kissed
Hereafter, the symbolic rising

Contextual Commentary

The great lotus flower Makete is engaged in the bitter struggle to emerge flawlessly from the muddy water that seeks to eclipse her internal grace and the beautiful symmetry of her petals. Having exhausted her energy, she retreats and hides in the nightfall to regenerate in the morning for another day of indefatigable resistance.

Despite being embedded in the clutches of the underground wherein she is like dirty and despicable, she remains underwater trying out every heuristic permutation to emerge flawlessly like a beautiful flower of the Kemetic river. In the great underwater, Makete is using the strategic knowledge of the African geomancy to gain transcendence over the adverse conditions and the perturbations of the environment in order to enhance her survival experience.

Eventually, the unrelenting and mathematical lotus flower rises from the underwater as an extremely beautiful flower with the knowledge of the cosmos encoded in the symmetry of her unblemished petals. The beautiful flower flaunts this flawless beauty as if she was never touched by the harsh mud of the underground.

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