A Disruptive Strategist

By Zulumathabo Zulu © 2015

He directs like instructed
To drill them like arrested
To teach the strict routine
To instil the sacred code
To coach for adherence
To cohere like sacred
Hereafter, a sudden twist
A disruptive strategist

The new object instanced
The disrupted incensed
When expected algorithmic
He advances the heuristic
Unlike the Arctic country
Who requires the immutable
He breaks the sequence
His passion contagious
To salute the drill instructor
A disruptive strategist

Contextual Commentary

The great Tshitwe (cicada) hide underground while conjugating the syntactic rules of emergence from Ledumela (the sacred underground space). While in the sacred space of Ledumela, the celebrated Lekgotla of the clan strategizes and deliberates on the permutation and timing of emergence. At issue, is the fact that the sequence of emergence must be devoid of regularity and characterized by asymmetry in order to avoid detection by those who seek to subjugate the clan. This purist clan of Ledumela adheres to the cosmic knowledge and the galactic genesis of the heavens. Thus Tlhatlhamacholo is pleased with the ways of the clan that resonate with the galactic genesis.

The formidable and purist leader, the unconquerable Lethathama, rises like a colossal giant to engage in remote sensing with the cosmos on behalf of the clan. He announces to the heavens and the gods of the cosmos the anti-establishment principles of camouflage, transcendence and tactical advancement as ratified in accordance with the sacred Lekgotla system of the clan.

In due course, the great cosmos of galactic genesis responds favourably to the urgent request of the clan for safe passage. Hereafter, the heavens open up to signal to the coexistentialist clan that the strategic plan is now ratified for all members of the clan to emerge from the sacred underground of Ledumela. Eventually, the purity espousing and industry enterprising clan breaks through the ground directed by the maxims of probabilistic causality and the non-linearity of Mothati (graphical sequence of the gradient) in accordance with the moral code of Lewa La Ditaola (the strategic pattern of the objects of geomancy).

The numerical logic of the Tshitwe clan is a derivative of asymmetrical reasoning using the disruptive sequence of prime numbers as Moralo (design). Thus, the formidable clan emerges from the sacred underground using a unique sequence that is not capable of prediction or detection. This encrypted sequence of emergence is unable to be decrypted by modern methods of cryptographic analysis making it possible for the cohesive clan and disciples of the spirit of the ore to safeguard their way of life for future generations.

5 thoughts on “A Disruptive Strategist

    1. The great brother Kgamphe, di monate ditaba tseo! This is one of the greatest university institutions on the content and we are proud of the great work that our brothers and sisters are doing at Mozambique. Please express our love and solidarity to them in the great struggle to emancipate our epistemic, ontic and axioligical systems. Those brothers and sisters are part of the DNA of our destiny here in South Africa and our endless love extends to them. As the sons and daughters of the African continent we must own, design and direct own own destiny. Please bring the pictures.

      Thokoza Makhosi!


  1. this sentence
    The numerical logic of the Tshitwe clan is a derivative of asymmetrical reasoning using the disruptive sequence of prime numbers as Moralo (design)
    where can one find more information on it?


    1. A book manuscript on Cheche; Tshitwe and Basotho Calendar is not available yet. I recommend Sesotho Dictionary of Mathematics which defines the mathematical system used by the Tshitwe. Follow Contact Us menu at top of website to reach us.

      Thokoza Makhosi!


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