Notification about Basotho Origins of Mathematics booklet

Dear Basotho Babatle,

Raboka hofumana thaasello ekgolo ka dingolwa tsena tsa Basotho Origins of Mathematics. This is a lecture that was delivered at Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein. Your interest is appreciated.

Reqela le fetisetse hobabang ka dingolwa tsena. Please note that we await a shipment of the booklet and as soon as it is delivered you will be notified through this blog. Keep the love for reading and the African knowledge alive.

We need more of you. We want the cultural knowledge to be kept alive and passed on to the future leadership of this beautiful continent of mother Africa. It is heartwarming when you show this collective desire to learn more and also to advance the permanent emancipation of the sons and daughters of the African soil.


Reyaleboha homenahane


2 thoughts on “Notification about Basotho Origins of Mathematics booklet

  1. I have been approached to write a STEM strategy to integrate IKS and Ubuntu. I would like you to urgently send me your views and if you would like to form part of the team. I see this as an opportunity to market your work. Dr K

    1. Mohlomphehi Kgamphe,

      Relebohela ditaba tsa monate tsa hontlafatsa sechaba sa rona. Harekopane. Kekopa onthetse ka mohala. We need more of you who are tireless in advancing the great struggle for African freedom and advancement. Thokoza Makhosi!

      Releboha haholo.

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