Food and Linguistic Question

By Zulumathabo Zulu © 2015

Dear friends;

The traditional African natives have always enjoyed more plant-based food. This is despite the fact that they possessed lots of animals and fowls. They rarely ate mate. In fact they only ate meat during a ceremonial gathering when they made an offering to the gods. Other than that, they mostly ate a vegetarian diet.

Among the Mohawk, the Cree, the Anishnabe, the Migmag and many other aboriginal natives of the Americas, their traditional food is also plant-based. I have observed the same with the Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Filipinos and many others. So there is something to be said about good health outcomes and naturally-based foods we eat.

It turns out that the best diet is a plant-based diet. The reason for this is that the modern cows, chicken and fish tend to be riddled with a variety of pollutants. Unfortunately, the structure of the economy and the market forces have conspired to hide the gory details from the consumer.

Now the subject of this posting. I am posting two sentences below and you must tell us the meaning of sentence 1 and sentence 2 and how they differ.

What do you think of these two sentences about food and their different meanings?

  1. We need (more plant-based) food.
  2. We need more (plant-based food).

Read these sentences carefully and post your response here. Good luck.



2 thoughts on “Food and Linguistic Question

    1. Dear Omoasheda,

      Your response is appreciated. You have hit it on the nail. It stands to reason that if we were to have more of plant-based food our health would also improve and thrive. Moreover, they put more antibiotics into the animals and these chemicals get ingested when meat is eaten.

      The tragic case of colonization means that the African does not direct own destiny with respect to food production making the African more vulnerable in this way.



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