The Moon of Bakoma

By Zulumathabo Zulu © 2015

When we observe moonlight
To sanctify the light thereof
To receive a glowing light
To recall legends past
When they narrated lit fire
Doctoral tradition of the Basotho
Derives its strength from the moon
The moon of Bakoma

We perpetually venerate
The moon of Bakoma
According to the truth of Koma
To unpluck the spiked ones
From the cruel spike
That causes them to dissent
against the ways of the old
When the moon causes a water surge
and thereafter releases the surge
The life is dependent on the moon
The moon of Bakoma

Contextual Commentary

When the majestic moon appeared through the dark clouds, her unblemished beauty was breath-taking. Despite scarred by meteoritic impacts and through no fault of her own, she stood her ground like a glowing sphere. Like a freshly crowned beauty queen, she was excited to share her glowing light with fervour unmindful of her depressions. She is a medicine woman who inspires many generations of traditional surgeons. She gives them the healing powers, the instruments of geomancy and the numerical logic to find and apply the right medicine that corrects the chaos and restores the order. The philosophy of the moon venerates the fact that the rules of the cosmos eliminate chaos. For this reason, the future generations must take a page from the moon in order to transcend the terrestrial gyrations, in sequence to overcome the chaos that prevails. Hereafter, we shall forever pay deserved tribute to the beautiful moon and never more to be defined by adverse conditions.

A moon photographed in the Southern Sky of South Africa by Zulumathabo Zulu (c) 2015.
A moon photographed in the Southern Sky of South Africa by Zulumathabo Zulu (c) 2015.

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