A Woman and Baby at Subway

By Zulumathabo Zulu © 2015

She was halfway there
Rocket train unaware
Toronto like dangerous motion
Baby stroller trapped between
Mother also trapped between
Locomotion like Trojan
Every hope to abandon
Instinctive grasp to assist
I jumped to pull her inside
Holding doors like override

Hypnotized like trance
Train’s jaws in severance
Flanked by approaching jaws
I offered sacrifice
To free her from the vice
A greatest debt to the cosmos
for an opportunity to assist
We shall forever serve them
To remain selfless like clannish
To defer self to the finish

Contextual Commentary

When the frigid winds blew vehemently against the desert flower, she was taken aback by the fearsome experience that seemed to punish for no apparent reason. It was not possible to exit from the cruel hand of the tropospheric gyrations. Nevertheless, the desert plant was protected from permanent damage by her ribosomic roots. She hid in the sacred underground known as Ledumela for the duration of the storm. In due course, the winds relented to give way to the heavens that consistently embraced the desert flower. The harsh experience became like a polish that gave an extra shine and beautiful finish to the desert flower. As a consequence, the indefatigable flower produced a rich array of red and yellow petals which developed into the most beautiful corolla on the barren earth. The great creator was pleased along with the erudite ancestors.

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